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    Chuck Mott

    I made the jump to Logic. For the record I am moving out of state in a few weeks, for a better work opportunity (yes this is going somewhere). About a week or so I upgraded my Mac to a Yosemite OS, now my pro tools is acting buggy on that system and I can’t open a project that unfortunately had a deadline. Because I am moving, I wanted (actually have wanted for awhile) a more mobile system so I picked up a Mac laptop. Turns out Pro Tools 10 won’t install fresh on yosemite. I don’t know how I could even upgrade it to 11 (11.3 for the record) if I can’t install 10 in the first place. Other then upgrading and getting their support plan. At this point I’m not complaining, just posting my experience. For the record this is the second time I’ve encountered this, when this happened several years ago the computer was also going and I just took a break from recording then . Would have meant new computer, new purchase of operating system, and if I’m not mistaken, a brand new version of pro tools. SO there it is. I’ve never seen this issue posted anywhere else but can’t believe I’m the only one. Kind of concerned because the move, the new system and learnig it all over gain may slow me down a tad writing wise. Getting excited about learning Logic though so It’s all good. Will have to be.

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    This thread is so relevant for me these day. I am currently in the middle of a switch and to be truthful, the last few weeks have been quite painful, but necessary: Now I am getting the rewards for my efforts.

    I have been using Reason exclusively since Reason 3 (before that I was on a hardware multitrack, Roland VS1680) and never touched another DAW (I had a look at Ableton a few years ago more by curiosity than anything else, and was definitely not convinced – the GUI annoyed me tremendously).

    THis past month, I have dived deep into DP8, for access to VSTs and film syncing, and now that I can find my way with this DAW, wow, I am having so much fun! I regret some Reason features (I will probably work on setting up a work flow with Reason as a plugin in DP via rewire), yet, the daily discovery of the new power at my finger tips shows me that it is definitely a good move, especially to produce library music. I can’t wait to release my first batch of tracks made with DP!

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    HI Edouadro,

    I highly recommend the video tutorials for DP8 at http://www.groove3.com.

    You’ll be amazed a what you can do with DP8 (I juts upgraded to DP9).
    I think you’ll find some answers to you sidechain and routing questions.

    Yes, you can connect Reason to DP with ReWire. ReWire also comes in handy for connecting DP to other programs, like Plogue’s Bidule.


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    Hello Michael,

    Yes, I agree with you, that is one of the first thing I did when I fired up DP for the first times: the Groove 3 training really helped me get started effectively!

    Musical Greetings

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    I left PT about 5 years ago and jumped around with Abelton and Reaper on Mac and PC. But 2 years ago I dove into Studio One Artist when I purchased their Audiobox interface and I instantly fell in love with this DAW.

    I soon upgraded to their Professional version and I just got version 3.0 with the Arrange window and Scratch Pad.

    Like someone else mentioned, the workflow is super fast and the learning curve was easy. It seems like the developers really focus on making a DAW that skips through a lot of time consuming stuff and lets you just get things done quickly.

    My 2 cents…. 🙂

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    I will add my vote for Cubase!

    I switched from Digital Performer in the late 90’s. I use a ton of VSTi’s, and it has never let me down.

    There was a time when I would print the files and mix the audio in ensoniq PARIS (man, I’m old!), but now the sound is so good I do it all in the box in Cubase.

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    In regards to Cubase versus Studio One, I wont say which is better or worse because I have not used S1. It is great there is a free S1 3 Prime but the Studio One Artist is not cheaper than Cubase 8 Elements – as was stated earlier in this thread. Just saying.

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    Logic X is a comparable alternative to Pro Tools for sure. It comes with an excellent, and comparable FX and instrument suite. Alchemy alone is phenomenal and for the price you just can’t beat it.

    My other suggestion would be Studio One. I’m looking to pick up a copy later this year and potentially migrate; as after demoing it I can only say amazing things about it.

    The workflow is better than any other DAW I’ve used bar none, and the bundled FX are perhaps the best native DAW FX I’ve heard yet. You can do some really complex stuff with it as well, yet they’ve managed to keep even the most complicated stuff easy to achieve. The toolset for scoring to picture and tempo mapping could be enhanced for sure, but I have a strong suspicion that this is something they plan on tackling in the very near future.

    From a raw production perspective it is the most fluid DAW I’ve tried (and over the years I’ve tried virtually everything… Logic and Live being my home for the last 6 years…) Routing is simple, drag and drop anything anywhere, route midi wherever you want without any convoluted workarounds or too many steps. It also has VST3 support so you can have 64 channel VIs if you feel so inclined. It has a feature very similar to Logic’s smart controls (sans the fancy GUI.)

    The clincher for me was a killer feature it has for making cutdowns called ‘scratch pads.’ It literally doesn’t get any easier to make alts and edits without having to touch your original project, all integrated within the same project window, without having to reload a thing. It’s like Logic X’s “alternatives”, but done right! Soon to be convert here!! :p

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    Since the start of this topic, subscription fee was changed to $99 for a year :).

    Before I came to PT (version 6), I worked with Cakewalk, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Samplitude. I would probably stay on Logic cause I loved it, but I’m on Windows.
    Since upgrade to PT 11, I’m absolutely happy with it! It’s much more stable and less CPU hungry in respect to PT10. Some projects that I can’t even play in PT 10, run with 40-50 % CPU in PT 11 on the same computer. You can try trial version before upgrade. Avid made some very unfriendly movements for the last year, but the last 12.3 update looks very promising and timesaving. I tried S1 and Reaper, but was disappointed with interface. Sure it’s very individual impression. I think, Logic can be good alternative to PT.

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    Mike R

    Same here. Had nothing but problems with PT (bad drivers, etc). Switched to Reaper, never looked back. Really sad that these companies are switching to a subscription model. There’s a difference between supporting the developers and corporate greed. To paraphrase someone who commented on a Pro Tools You Tube vid, “The next Pro Tools will be even BETTER. It will link directly to your bank account!”

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