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    Interesting article where Jean Michel Jarre, now head of the CISAC (Confederation of national PROs from 104 countries) gives is opinion on the relationship between creators like us and Internet giants.

    Article In French:

    Video in English at this year’s Midem:

    He discusses the remuneration of creators in today’s Internet world.

    I prefer the article: If you read French, you get a good summary of the points he develops in the video.

    Maybe because I’m French too ;-), but I seriously agree with him on many points.


    I know that composers are frustrated. But I do not like the internet being demonized and blamed for the downfall of music.

    These discussions on intellectual property just do not do anything anymore. The conversations are meaningless these days. Composers are becoming victims. It has just become a big blame game.

    It is 2014. What are the solutions?


    DI, I do not agree with this defeatism.

    JMJ was actually implying that content broadcasters like YT and others should also pay a blanket fee to PRO associations in relation with their audience and ad revenue. Why should TV or Radio follow these rules and not YT? YT is the modern TV now…

    I am so glad a guy with these ideas is now head of CISAC. Hopefully, there will be a bunch of lawsuits coming up so that in the end ALL (major) broadcasters pay PROs, i.e. us.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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