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    I was wondering if you recommend thanking libraries for placements. For instance, I recently got a placement on a popular late night TV show. I was excited about it, and in thinking about building a relationship with my library, I wondered if I should e-mail them to say thanks. It seems like a no brainer, but the reason I decided to ask first is, I know my contacts there are very busy, and swamped lately. Got any advice? Thanks!

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    I thanked one of my libs for a well paying placement… The owner wrote back with an update on more placements my music obtained which I could expect in the near future… Being polite is always nice I think.

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    Thanks, I appreciate the advice!

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    I wondered the same thing about thanking a library that I got placements through then I remembered my pops telling me,”You can’t go wrong when you have something good to say”
    so I did.

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    I thank my library people a lot – if I see a nice lump sum or a group of placements or they tell me they are pitching my work I say thanks and keep up the great work and thank you for representing the music so well. I sometimes even thank them on behalf of any other composers who may forget or not even think to say thanks. I make a living from creating music and I am very grateful to the people who ensure my compositions are out there getting placed and generating income for myself and my family.

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    i think its nice to thank you’re publishers if they are responsible for getting you some career milestone placements. i once sent them a thank you when i saw my music had been used along side John Williams in a cue sheet during the Olympics on NBC. they were delighted to hear such a win from one of their composers. they are people at the end of the day so they should be cheering you on as your representative library.

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    Thank you all for the feedback! I will take your advice and make it a regular practice to say thanks for any significant placements. I didn’t hear back yet this time, but I know my library is busy and I think it is probably still a good thing to write a short thank you note.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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