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    I totally agree with More Advice. I believe most publishers are capable of kickbacks/dishonesty if given the chance, the world has become that way and publishers are no different. I also understand this is designed to be a win win situation but, in this situation the publisher is in control. The P&G TV spot is just one example, the composer was lucky in this case, a lot of us would not even know if we are not carefully monitoring.
    My question is this who needs the other more. The composer or the publisher. Obviously the answer is the publisher needs the composer more for without the composer, the publisher does not exist. The composer, on the other hand, could conceivably market his music directly to the production companies, either directly or through a composers collective, and collect both the writers and publishers share. Wouldn’t that be nice eh!.
    Many composers, and i speak for myself, dont recognize this aspect of business and do not suspect this world to be so cruel but you have to watch your back at all times and lessons like this only sometimes come through bad experiences and this is where advice from More Advice (experienced composers) becomes invaluable.
    In 2014, i wish for composers to come together and develop ways to protect ourselves from being taken advantage of by greedy publishers. Amen

    Steve Ballard

    About the tone here on MLR. Don’t Bb and C#! Happy holidays to everyone.

    Art Munson

    @ More Advice. You moved the thread off topic. All those comments have been deleted.

    PLEASE keep the threads on topic! Geez!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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