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    Be careful if the library wants you to provide stems for possible licensing – e.g. if you used a drum loop and that’s your entire drum stem then that might be a violation of the sample seller’s agreement.

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    I think the problem mainly arises when phrases are used in their entirety and are exposed in the track. In such a scenario the problem for libraries arises when the music is registered with the likes of AdRev / YT content ID as it will pick up on the exposed sample elements. Anyone else subsequently using that sample phrase may get content Id claims on their piece, even if the phrase is buried.

    I use splice, but try to avoid phrases. I tend to mainly use one-shots, transitions, and chopped vocals (which could be a risk, but no problem so far.). I am even dubious about recorded chord sequences as they tend to be easily recognisable. Although there is no copyright on chord sequences, there is a copyright on the recording. Sometimes I use splice to get inspiration. I will find a phrase and then recreate it with my own sounds by playing it into the keyboard to avoid the recording recognition problem.

    I would say, be aware of the terms and limitations but make them a very small part of your production relying mainly on your own compositions skills.

    As a library owner, we get offered so many lazy tracks where it is a drum loop, a couple of phrases and a vocal chop, often all from the same sample pack. These are the risky ones imho, they have no composition and are just an arrangement of naked samples 🙂

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    Ryan Harrison

    Isn’t this a problem with using sample packs in general and not just specifically spllice?

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    If you use Kontakt, NI, Heavyocity etc…they are a bunch of samples alot of other composers use….we could debate for days… I have been around and around on Splice and I will tell you to at all cost’s avoid complete full loops….even though you are allowed to use them it can be a hassel with the libraries also do not use vocal phrase’s and try to alter any sample that may have a melody of sorts …Pads should be fine…..just use common sense and know the boundaries as a stay out of trouble..check out the article on Justine Beiber….
    here is an example of one of my emails from Splice…..

    Abbie (Splice)
    Jan 3, 9:26 AM PST
    Hey there!

    Thanks for writing in. If you wish to submit your work to a production music library you can, but you do have restrictions to providing the samples you’ve used in isolation. This means that the samples you use need to either be edited to the point of it not being recognized as the original sample or include it in a combination of other sounds.

    For this particular example, you cannot provide stems of the samples or a template of your project because this would cause the sample to be in isolation.

    Please let us know if you need help with anything else!

    Keep Making Music,

    Splice Customer Experience

    I only use Splice I personally would not use any sample packs from another source to me splice is crystal clear on where these samples come from and what you can do and can not do with them. Remember you don’t own them Splice does……

    hope I have helped clear up the murk some …….

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    cyberk91 Thanks for posting that link, I had not seen that. Brilliant, really illustrates what can happen 🙂

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    My understanding – and I have not researched this deeply, as I do not use slplice – is that with libraries such as Heavyocity and NI, etc. they create their own libraries and vet them fully – whereas with Splice, there are user uploaded libraries that may not be vetted as well as the big libraries. And that is where the rub comes in. That is where the copyright issues may rear their ugly heads. I have been personally advised not to use Splice as they have copyright issues attached. Take it with a grain of salt. Again, I don’t use them, have been advised against it in the way I create music, and so I don’t. But that is something people should be aware of. Best of luck.

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    Ryan Harrison

    I’m guessing we can put Loopcloud in the same category?

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    Yes… Same rules apply for Loopcloud .

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    So, what’s the point of purchasing samples or loops if they can’t be legally used and monetized as part of our original compositions?

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