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    I’ve worked strictly doing instrumentals so far, but I’ve been thinking about collaborating with vocalists….has anyone found that they get more or better placements with vocal cues over instrumentals? Is it worth the extra effort?

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    From what I’ve read and heard if you have a GREAT track with very general lyrics and a popular theme (love,happiness etc.)  you can make some serious scratch through the right company BUT like anything else in this business it’s a crapshoot – Obviously instrumentals sell better and I’ve only had one placement in a doc w/a song with lyrics  and that was a sad song that could work in a few scenarios – if you’re paying those vocalists it might not be worth your while – if you’re not and trying to move into another creative place by all means go for it..I do both but only have a handful of tracks with vocals that are general and not without specifics – I do have some somewhat strange songs with vocals that might work at the end of a movie or show though (even though they’re not “vague”) – Jay-

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    This is more a philosophical opinion than a practical one…… but as the world seems to be moving toward a darker place what with wars, the economy,uprisings,revolutions etc I think the voice will be the prime communicator whether, it be speech or song.

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    I hope you’re right…it sure would be great to hear some music that means something again..I know that makes me sound like an old man but c’mon…not much meaningful/pop rock anymore – I’ve written a few of what I think are “meaningful” songs over the years – after the dust settled and I listened back a decade later I didn’t cringe – to me that’s the test  🙂   it’s a fine line between voicing an opinion and preaching – a real writers tightrope…Jay


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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