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    The Dude

    I thought this might be an interesting side topic.

    I was an engineer with a medical supply company. Great pay, but soulless work. I started with a few tracks in a few small (and a couple large) non-exclusive libraries, then got lucky with some exclusives and made a few personal contacts, which gave me more work. Started doing this full-time a couple years ago. Everyone thought I was crazy to quit (though they all hate their jobs too), but I’m not bored at work, and I’m doing better for myself, though with multiple streams of income.

    So what was/is your day job?

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    Full time musician since I finished music school in 1996. Never had a day gig. Made/make a living as a guitar player, but in 2008 the gigs started to dry up and I started writing a ton. Fast forward to today and my living is split between guitar playing, RF Libraries, TV/Film Libraries, and Ninja Assassin Work.

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    I’m a chef but working below my skill level (and pay level) as a prep cook so I have time and energy to make music…slowly but surely my music income is gaining on my cooking income..been cooking for almost 35 years..ran my first kitchen @ 20 and about 15 since then including my own cafe & catering business for about 10 years..exhausting business…nothing like you see on tv 🙂

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    Chuck Mott

    Currently working as a masters level social worker/counselor. Been working in human services for 17 years. Playing mostly cover band gigs, with some side trips into writing and recording. Bought a pro tools rig in 2004, played around with it semi-seriously for 3 years but saw no opportunities then for my music. A couple years ago I got an inheritance, and reinvested in rebuilding the studio and discovered the library world. Been trying my hand at this and spend about 15 hours in the studio per week, plus gigging and working the day job. Would like to retire early (52 now) and just live off my music income within 10 years. Bu recording fills a creative need that playing cover songs like Satisfaction just doesn’t fill anymore :). Still enjoy gigging and any money I make from music currently comes from that. 30 – 40 k a year would have to be my ticket to make this a full time venture.

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    Art Munson

    Thankfully, I’ve never had to work a day job. Then again there were those four years in the Marine Corps eons ago. 🙂

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    Hard core touring Hammond B3 player here. Starting to get fed up with crowded airports, cheap hotel rooms ann bad backline deliveries, so my plans are to quit touring a few years down the road. Started in the library side of music biz a couple of years ago, and are building my catalogue slowly.

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    Forum color commentator. :p

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    Never had one, been a professional musician since I was 16.

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    I’m 53, been a part time musician or songwriter for most of my life. My day job presently is in Fluid Seal Sales, don’t be jealous. I started to get serious in about October 2009. I haven’t had what I call real success yet but I just signed a bunch of tracks that should bring some placements. If they don’t I’ll be surprised. My plan is to do this full time with in the next few years but I’m not making nearly enough to try that yet. I only have about 150 tracks so what I’m trying to do now is focus on Exclusive contracts as my belief is that it’ll work better than having the few tracks I have competing with folks in libraries who have 2000 tracks.

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    Fluid seal sales? Wow, Denbo17!!! Talk about a chick magnet profession! LOL! I can razz you because I also work in a techie geeky field by day. 😉

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    For about 4 years I’ve been teaching at a film/recording school … I’m a lab instructor for film sound and mastering classes … I like the work and the co-workers. It doesn’t consume my time or energy, allowing me to work on my music.

    For a couple of years going, every couple of months I master a handful of cds for some composers I know who are signed to exclusive libraries … that’s what got me interested in doing this for a living.

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    Videogame producer/designer for a company that makes a major sports title

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    Hey Advice all cool, if you ever need to decide between BUNA and Viton O-rings, I’m your man… Gotta go Sandra Bullock keeps texting me…

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    I think I’d rather have some onion rings. 😉

    Regards to Sandra… Tell her Jennifer Aniston says hi!


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    i teach kids music production in schools

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