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    Everything Mark said is spot on.

    Find what genres you are good at and enjoy writing and just write as much as possible.

    A typical production cue will run from 90 seconds to 2 minutes on average, sometimes less sometimes more. The ABA structure is tried and true. That is the first A is your basic theme, B is usually a stripped down break, then the second A is similar to the first, but bigger, usually introducing more instrumentation / dynamics.

    As for mastering / mixing, look up the Recording Revolution on YouTube. Graham has a ton of tutorials covering mixing from a beginner’s level. It helped me a lot.

    Good luck and happy writing!

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    Oh and before you submit to a library listen to their music and make sure they / you are a good fit.

    It doesn’t hurt to have a reference track in your session to if you’re going for a certain vibe / dynamic as well.


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    Mark Lewis

    +1 for Recording Revolution on youtube and facebook. Great stuff.

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    Chuck Mott

    Sounds like maybe you are also interested in releasing this as an album. I would create edit versions of no linger, then say, maybe 3 minutes to submit as production music.

    Right or won I always create a little introduction in my tracks.

    Listening to the first track sounds like with some editing you could make a couple tracks out of this.

    Again probably on the production world, I’ thinking all those “parts” could stand alone as separate tracks, with maybe a little variation. Save the long tracks for the album.

    Your pieces are very dramatic. You could consider just holding these out, again maybe 3:00 each, for film and tv. Consensus is the earnings are better there anyway.

    I like them quite a bit. As a as a musician of close to 40 years and a composer/writer in the licensing game for close to 5 your mixes sound good to me, and I like the style a lot.

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    Thanks guys. I was beginning to fall into a bit of a depression with this stuff – I was receiving potential offers a year ago but in one case the guy died and the other case, interest withdrew. So with all the rejection this year, I’ve started to feel like a fantasist. I’ll cut these up appropriately and try again – glad there’s hope 🙂

    Also have a lot more in my catalogue that I’m now listening to again, with a view to cutting etc.

    I’m relatively comfortable with mixing though due to my synth heavy music, I can sometimes lack clarity, I feel. I’m no good at mastering so I’ll have to revisit that also.

    Thanks again,


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    Michael Nickolas

    Rorywill, I’m sure I’ve been rejected or ignored for opportunities in music creation way more than I’ve been accepted. I’ll go out on a limb and say that is true for most everyone here. I’m pleasantly surprised when I hear back from someone interested, and often have to go back to my sent emails to even see what it was I submitted to. When I hear back with a rejection, I delete the email and move on. It doesn’t really mean anything. So don’t let the rejections eat at you…

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    Recording Revolution, Pure Mix Free (and paid) vids especially full mix ones, and Denis Woods suggested Michael White, his is a subscription site but he has a lot of freebies on youtube. Between those and Mike Senior Mixing secrets and Bobby Owsinski, kept me busy for years and I still return to ’em.

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    Here my latest. I’ve tried to keep it on the point but might start the track right where the first Eastern instrumentation comes in for immediate impact. If anyone has the time to listen, I’d be grateful.

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    Mark Lewis

    Very nice!
    Instead of starting right at the eastern instruments bit I would just cut out the first two solo synth notes and start with the synth plus guitar note fade in. There is constant movement and building from that point on.
    Love the feel change in the middle.
    Very nice track. Would work in many situations.

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    Ok got you mark, thanks again. Well, I’ve got one final track for you to bend your ears to and then I’m going to start cutting up with an edited portfolio. It’s got a similar name to that last track as I borrowes the beats and some of the synth sounds I used. It is t actually complete, as you’ll hear from the final section that has been lumped on to the end. Apart from that, I think there are two potential tracks in here, at least, I’d like to think so.

    If you have time, that is. You’ve been extremely helpful this far 🙂

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    Well, I made the changes suggested by Mark and it seems I got my first offer from a company that doesn’t just accept anything and everything – I think! Sound vault are there name. Couldn’t find them on this site though. Anyone had any dealings?

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    Michael Nickolas

    Sound vault is on this site. Comments going back to 2010…

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    Art Munson
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    Hey again guys.

    Just to say, with mark’s advice, I’ve already started getting plenty offers, including some interest from epitome music, who I believe are actually quite difficult to get accepted with. This is very encouraging, so thanks a million for your suggestions and advice! 🙂

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