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    Just opened my statement and almost made what I made all last year! A huge chunk were international uses including a track used on German radio earning over $1000! Hope everyone had a good statement.

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    Congratulations daveydad! Which PRO are you with by the way?

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    Now that’s really cool! Congrats daveydad!

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    congratz daveydad, are you over your 5 years on this? im just now seeing intl royalties on mine (3rd check)

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    Yes, it’s been at least 5 years. I just started to see more international royalties in the last year or so.

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    Art Munson

    Congrats daveydad!

    Just opened my statement and almost made what I made all last year! A huge chunk were international uses

    Yep, international royalties make up about 50% of our total.

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    Congrats! Glad BMI’s getting it done for SOMEone. :). After 25+ years it’s pretty mediocre, boarderlining on dismal here from my experience. Maybe it’s just the ebb and flow of things….

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    Congrats daveydad …..I’m still down in the rabbit hole with BMI maybe I’ll get my quarter one day….lol

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    Congrats Davey! 😀

    So many variables as to who will have good quarters (or years) vs. not so good. What type of music, what libraries, what shows placed on, what channels, what time of day the broadcasts were, vocal vs instrumental (BMI), featured or background, a lot of reruns in this quarter, and so on. A major network placement can give you a big bump one quarter but never rerun on that major network so the big stuff from it is short lived. But a placement on MTV’s Catfish or The (ugggh!) Kardashians on cable will pay for years and years as they rerun the crap out of those.
    All you can do is keep feeding the machine and be patient.

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    That’s for sure. I seem to make the most from Bravo shows… they rerun over and over. VH1 pays pretty well, too.

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    Had a great quarter so can not complain. What’s confusing though (imagine the PRO’s not keeping us in an eternal state of confusion) is that “Do It Yourself” TV network a SCRIPPS owned brand did pay. Each royalty of course was under $1 but there was some payments there. Also HGTV payed a couple of placements. I constantly see tunesat detections from SCRIPPS so what is it? Are they paying performance royalties? or are they not? DO some SCRIPPS shows engage in “Direct Licensing”, while others do not? Any comments would be welcome…

    Additionally, it is great to see all the cable sports packages such as NBATV, Fox Sports 1 and 2 paying decent royalties whereas ASCAP seems to deem these networks as “irrelevant” and subject to the survey bs.

    Amazon Video on Demand – every royalty was.01 cents whereas ASCAP is paying fractions of cents 0.03297

    Netflix, Hulu – seems like we’re getting a rasie! LOL! I am seeing some royalties hitting $5, $11, $8, but for the most part many are under a buck, but still larger than what seemed to be just .01 cents from prior statements in the last 12 qtrs.

    Foreign Royalties are strong and nice to see.

    Once again, seems like nothing happened with the Big Ten Network, UFC, ESPN. It’s criminal how music can be broadcast “Publically Performed” but not pay performance royalties. PRO’s were established to collect and pay for “public performances” but I guess some networks can get away with avoiding the PRO’s. Not sure why? ASCAP and BMI if you are reading my comments, is it not time to pressure some Senators and Congress to take a look at this bogus loophole and regulate cable TV networks under the same set of rules?

    Bottom Line, Everything remains 100% opaque and I probably only get paid for 50% of the performances (air dates) that truly happen. ESPN, Big Ten, Major League Baseball broadcasts, UFC broadcasts continue to = free music for these folks, or I suppose our library partners sell those blanket licenses and profit from our works. It’s criminal but you library owners reading this and I know who you are….it’s your conscience. I know I certainly would never feel good about selling other folks music and earning a profit while they patiently wait for “back end” that….well….never comes. You folks amount to A-list con artists in my book.

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    Hmm, I’ve been detected on HGTV a few times and don’t think I’ve seen any payments. I have gotten pretty good payments from Big Ten Network.

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    Not my best quarter but a very good one anyway. Quite better than last year’s January statement so, 2020 looks promising 🙂

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    Congratulations Kubed!!

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