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    HGTV is a Scripps channel. You won’t see any PRO money in most cases. 🙁

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    Good and Bad quarters come and go. What’s really concerning are the the ongoing trends.

    When building a catalog, there is only up. Every quarter is a decent percentage of increase. But after your list of “shows” numbers in the thousands, things tend to level out. SOMEthing is always playing. But BMI has chosen to ignore fairness in favor of their pet projects.

    It’s well known that broadcast TV/Cable/Streaming is what is holding them up, yet they can’t seem to manage to get all that money back over to the composers who quite literally pay for their jobs. I’m loosing faith. Maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. As in new industry.

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    Or maybe I just need something in my coffee this AM……

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    Art Munson

    Or maybe I just need something in my coffee this AM……

    Two cups of strong tea each morning does it for me. My mood brightens considerably. Rinse and repeat!

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    Michael Nickolas

    Over in the Facebook Royalty topic it was posted – “Congrats on the $12”. If the state of our industry is being congratulated for earning $12, then maybe loosing faith is an appropriate response, regardless of the amount of tea or coffee available. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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