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    • No, it’s a little slow here, but I haven’t any any trouble getting there this week.

  1. Anyone use YouLicense? I can’t seem to get into the comment section of YouLicense It comes up “comment section protected”.

    • Hi Johhnyboy. I use Youlicense and I don’t have any problem getting into the blog comment section. Are you using the free package or one of the paid subscription packages ? I don’t know for sure but maybe you have to have a paid subscription package. I’m probably wrong but just a thought.

      • Thanks Artist R, but I meant I couldn’t get into Music Library Report’s comment section of YouLicense. I posted a comment on the thread and now I can see the comments.

        Best, John

  2. I found this app for capturing gear settings and thought I’d share it. I’m always on the lookout for stuff like this to make life easier.
    It’s called ReKawl by Sahe Audio where it basically takes images and notes I guess you using your devices camera and exports them as a track sheet. I hate losing those golden mega hit gear settings I slave over and have scribbled all over the place and can’t find them half the time so I think I’m gonna try it. $5 but if it works better than what I’ve been doing, it might be worth it.

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