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Not strictly a music library but if you are a composer and/or songwriter, please leave your comments and experiences with this company. We want to hear the good as well as the bad! Below is some general information but we make no guarantee of accuracy. Check with the company for all details. Please contact us for any corrections.


136 Replies to “YouLicense”

  1. You license seems to be out of biz… the link redirects towards a scammy credit card thing…
    Art, I recommend you remove any links/pages to Youlicense…
    I wonder what the old tracks I have there have become…

  2. I bought an mp3 for an instrumental song, and I can’t access it on the website, didn’t get an email, and can’t find it at all. Already paid $1 for it, would really like to use it.

  3. edit: nevermind the site is back up and running now

    Site seems to be down again, no way I know of to contact any customer service. The owner is at if anyone wants to try and tweet at him. Had to refund a payment recently prior to it going down as they never received their track and they paid twice!

  4. Hi
    It seems to be up and running. I last used the site in December 2017. Does little in the way of passing trade – ie. ad hoc sales – but can be very useful in generating contracts and handling the legal aspect if working on a custom cue for a client. Useful resource in that respect I think.

    1. YouLicense has been out of service this past couple days. Has also been spotty on and off all past month – getting a bit unreliable to rely on it for purchasing/licensing links. Debating whether to hold out for another day or 2, or change my checkout method altogether to a more robust system.

    1. I thought it was gone as the site was down for a while. However, made a sale there today…a small sale for what the buy said will be a web clip.

  5. I have been trying to contact youlicense for nearly a year no go.I will email maor ezer possible last chance to find out whats happening

    1. Last time I had a similar issue, (out of my account for almost 7 months) I had to call the guy to Israel. The phone number is at paypal. Let me know if you can’t get it and I’ll send it to you.

    1. I’ve been trying to get back on for 2 days w/no luck..does this happen a lot? – I just paid for a 6 month trial..don’t know if I’ll renew if this is the norm there..I did notice a lot of music being uploaded in the past few days and then bam it was down..

  6. I’ve noticed and increasing number of robot-voiced SPAM audio files flogging goodness knows what popping up.

    They don’t seem to be particularly quick at getting rid of them either.

  7. Hey!

    Anyone knows if this site is active? I created an account a couple of years ago but I never got around to using the site I think. Now I try to log in I can’t. I’ve used the recover password and got new password sent to me but it doesn’t work.

    Is it worth the effort to keep trying?

    1. They’re active. Maybe try starting a new account? It’s not an AMAZING site, but I get around 4-5 placements a month there.

      The upload process is tedious…

    2. Last time something like that happened to me, it takes me 7 months to be able to contact someone in youlicense. I had to call to the phone on the YL paypal account. If you ask me, I would try a different site: More expensive though, but a great site and features, and overall a great customer service.

      1. I don’t drive any traffic there, and my music is found. Of course it’s always better to market yourself too but that takes time to do for each site…

  8. So, what’s the consensus on You License? The comments in this thread read… “I LOVE it.” “I HATE it.”

    I had an account several years ago. I dropped it but I can’t remember why πŸ™‚


    1. They had to do some maintenance on their servers (I actually received a reply from Maor!)
      So if by any chance, like me, you went ahead and canceled your PayPal automatic payment you have to wait until it’s renewal time, renew as a Pro Musician and your info+tracks should be untouched… pheww.

      1. That’s funny because I was literally thinking about canceling the automatic payment. Great minds think alike. Good to hear it was just a temporary thing, a heads up tweet would have been nice, but hopefully things keep running smooth. Personally, I’ve had a lot of activity on YouLicense and it’s a relief to see it back online.

  9. I’m having trouble getting their site to load, I dunno if it’s finally gone or if there is a technical issue. Also noticed the widget has stopped working. Kind of a bad sign, and it would be a shame if it shut down without any warning.

    1. More than a shame, would be really non-professional and disrespectful. After all, you have spend hours uploading and tagging your music just to realize that this guy doesn’t care about your task and time. And in some cases, when you have paid, even though it is not expensive, it’s your money and you should get at least a warning.

      1. Still not working.

        Actually when, I realized , a few weeks ago, that the player stopped working for a while that was the confirmation for me that there was no more maintenance going on. So I deleted all my tracks (leaving the 10 most sold/viewed). And cancelled my subscription. I am glad I did so! Besides Mark’s free Music Licensing Software does the job just fine now πŸ™‚

        1. Hi Edouardo! you always have good info there πŸ™‚ “Besides Mark’s free Music Licensing Software does the job just fine now” which one is it?

    2. Wow, I really hope this is just temporary. It has been down before for a day or two.

      I made up to 10 sales a month from YL and it definitely was worth the subscription fee (by a lot).

      I’d rather not have to set up my own website and have to drive traffic there to replace YL. They had decent traffic.

      1. Vlad, there was no negotiation. The client bought a track licence in December for a specific project for about 80$. And bought the same track again for another project, most probably a larger one, for just under 500$. I suppose the price is defined by the YL engine depending on the project size.

        I had the YL guy on the phone about a year ago. He is a developer. In my opinion, he set up YL, now it flows automatically, so he must be on something else now… YL is just a tool, not a library…

        1. I have been trying to contact youlicense guys for over 6 months with no luck. some of the guys that appear as team members of YL answered that they dont work with YL anymore. Many people have reported to have been locked out from their account which means they have lost control over the music or the fees they want to charge (There is an option to accept or decline offers).

    1. Hi Edouardo! You said you have contacted the youlicese guy by phone. Could you let me know the name and phone?? I’ve been trying to contact each and everyone on the YL team as it is described on the site with no luck. I’ve been locked out from my account for 6 months or more and I have not access to any of my tracks, to any offer or any contract. I would really appreciate if you can send the details you know to [email protected] I know mine is not the only case like that.

        1. No luck with this youlicense guy. No assistance nor support in any way. I’ve been calling to his phone # as it appears at paypal, but no luck. Even if its a tool, you need to have administration assistance to make it right. My advice is not to use youlicense service. there are some other platforms, a bit more expensive but it worth it. they have a great support. (licensequote)

  10. Also, dead for me. A shame, I actually had a few decent transactions up until this past year. For anyone who wants to cancel their subscription you need to do it through your paypal account.

    1. Glut of music I’m sure. When you see other sites go from 30,000 tracks (which is already a lot) to 3/4 of a million in just a few years it has to be happening all over.

      1. Does it hurt the library when they have too many tracks? Probably not. But that certainly starts to hurt artists after a while. The library makes money from each sale while the artists usually only make money from the sale of his/her own music.

        The key seems to be to get in early and send in a lot of songs. Even that may not help if the site has poor marketing and advertising.

  11. Contacting anyone on client support is just impossible. These guys don’t care about your business or if you got locked out of your account and miss offers on your music. Using licensequote now. Great client support and great platform.

  12. I tried to change my password but got a very hard password in exchange which was impossible to work out.This was over a month age.In the meantime I had an email to say I had a song offer.Ive been trying for a month to contact Youlicense with no success.I cannot go ahead with this offer but probably too late now.Could somebody please get back to me so I can get into my account.regards

  13. DO NOT USE! I only subscribed to the 6 month trial back in 2012 and then asked them to cancel. My fault for not checking, they continued taking the subscription fee every 6 months since. Tried contacting them again on the site, via facebook etc… Nothing worked as earlier this year they took money AGAIN! Asked my credit card company to stop paying them so will see if that has worked. Bunch of crooks. You don’t continue to take money from people for a service you are not providing and then make it as difficult as possible to communicate on top of it. In this day in age it is very easy to communicate and I imagine they know exactly what they are doing. There could be loads of people in similar situations paying without knowing.

    1. I use paypal to pay them and there is a spot that says subscription payments or something like that in the paypal preferences. I am surprised your credit card company can’t do something about it. Sounds like a very frustrating problem, I hate crap like that. Personally I use them more for there licensing service for my website then for like a “music library.” I wanted to be able to license music from my website, and keep all the profits. The choice was between Youlicense and LicenseQuote, and it might be something I am going to have to re-evaluate in a year or two. I don’t like doing business with people that ignore or not answer any communications. I am a big fan of customer service and I know I could get a hold of someone from LicenseQuote, not so much YouLicense

  14. I’ve had some luck with YL lately but communication with them is non-existent. I’ve written to them several times with no luck and I’m wondering if anyone else knows of a way to get in touch with them that is not via their contact form or Twitter?

  15. it’s been a ghost town over there for the last year. The few offers I get are monthly at best and are typically for $5 and $10. Negotiating rarely works if you ask for double the offer or more in my experience, and do not justify any subscription price…

    I finally cancelled mine this morning and won’t look back!

  16. Lots of bad words on YL these last few months… I pay the 30$/6 month. But I do not do this for their rubish and inexistent “opportunitie” or as a Library, but for the service of self-licensing…

    What was bothering me was the no-watermark on the tracks. I found a turnaround to that – In your account, on your list of songs, click “re-upload”, then enter in the “direct Link” box an external link to your watermarked track (I use the server of my WordPress website for that but you can use any other server for which you have a direct url for your watermarked files).

    When visitors play it on YL, or on the widget on your site, they only will hear the watermarked version. When they purchase the licence or buy the mp3, YL can only provide what is on their own server, right?, i.e. the non-watermarked files you had previously uploaded.

    Problem solved πŸ™‚

    1. Last time I looked (which was quite a while ago admitedly) they had limited free accounts (upload only 15 tracks, limited number of pitches) and paid accounts which basically lifted those restrictions.

      From what I remember it wasn’t really a music library per se, they would just post a list of “opportunities” that you had to manually pitch your music to and then cross your fingers! .. A bit like how sites like Sonicbids work, I suppose.

      Big waste of time in my opinion.

      1. PS: Art, I’m sorry about that post in the forums about pay-to-play sites a few weeks back – it’s been a long while since I’ve been here and I didn’t realise you exclude those sites from MLR these days – good move too, I’ve now removed my music from most of those sites now.

  17. Thought I had cancelled my subscription about a year and a half ago, found out recently that they have still been taking out the 6 monthly subscription fee. They do not appear in my paypal subscription list, have tried to get in touch with them multiple times (Email, facebook, via their site, via paypal) to cancel but no response. DO NOT SIGN UP AND GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY, YOU WILL HAVE A BATTLE TO STOP THE PAYMENTS AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

    1. Notify your credit card company and Paypal. Tell them that you tried to contact the company to stop automatic payments, without success, and that the payments are not authorized.

    1. Anyone have any actual insight/knowledge as to what happened with this site? My guess when I first started seeing a slowdown was that there was a glut of music, but it seems to be more than that now that so many have had the same experience in the same time-frame.

  18. I’ve had a decent amount of success licensing music with YouLicense in the past, but the site appears to be completely dead now. No new opportunities have been posted in over 6 months so I assume they just gave up or the interest died. They still billed me, however, for my account, which was ridiculous. Currently trying to figure out how to delete my account with them.

    1. Hello IV ! I’m experiencing the same thing. I did well in the past but the last several months have been pretty well dead for me also. I’m also thinking about canceling but will keep the free account and put up my top sellers and change them periodically, I think one can have 15 tracks with the free account. To delete your account, the following info is from their FAQ :

      How do I cancel my subscription?
      In order to cancel your subscription you will need cancel it via Paypal. Once you do this, your YouLicense subscription will be cancelled automatically.
      To cancel your subscription via PayPal, follow these steps:

      Log in to your PayPal account.
      Click History at the top of the page.
      Select Subscriptions from the Show menu.
      Click Details to view the details of a specific Subscription Creation.
      Click Cancel Subscription.
      Click Cancel Subscription again.

      Please note that you will still be able to use your subscription service until your next payment date.

    2. Come to think of it I haven’t had any offers in sixth months or so, and I used to have maybe one per month. How unfortunate.

  19. Thanks MuscoSound for your advices!
    I’ve never sold anything there, but I’m speaking about the free account, maybe I should consider to upgrade and upload more content.

    But I’ve noticed right now that in their Price Packages they have a “Sample and Remix” option and it seems to me that you can’t choose to enable it or not. Can’t be a problem selling that type of license in relation with virtual instruments EULAs?

    Another thing I don’t understand is that when you enable the song licensing you have the opportunity to preview their Non-Exclusive Contract and also the Exclusive One… But where can I choose to be Non-exclusive or Exclusive?

    Am I missing something?

  20. I am a fan of them, and have had pretty good results. If your registered with BMI you get a discount on the fee for the pro membership. I agree that having a the pro account is the only way to have any success with them, but when you do you don’t lose any commission on a license, and it goes directly into your paypal account, which I like.

    1. MuscoSound
      I have a curiosity: what kind of license are you using for your tracks: Indie or Commercial?
      I’ve been 3 months with them, no luck at all, but I’m still with the free account. I’m considering moving to the pro account and give it a try. A little doubtful about the license alternatives, though. Any advice?

      1. Personally I have always had my pro account paid for through licenses, but I have a lot of music uploaded. I use the indie option mainly because it fits the music. I don’t have the big expenses of a large studio, so I don’t think it’s right to charge the higher prices. My advice is to get a pro account, and upload all your tracks. Price is not the big factor, but value is so choose the licensing option that makes since for the music you produce. Make sure to use the licensing widget they offer because it is a cool tool. I have it on my website, and blog. Which helps get more licenses. The thing I like with the pro membership is that you get 100% and it goes straight to paypal. The thing with this game is it takes a lot of high quality music, and time. Don’t get discouraged and keep creating music. Hope that helps!

        1. Thank you MuscoSound,
          I’ll take your advice. I just started 3 months ago with selling music, although I’ve been a musician for almost 25 years. I’ve had some success with other libraries (even though I still have a very small portfolio, which is very encouraging, it seems that people like my music), but not with YouLicense yet. I guess that “pro” is the way to go with them.
          I am a little concerned about the fact that they don’t watermark the tracks. I know of at least one case of a guy who pirated one track of mine, don’t know how, but a no-watermark site like YouLicense is a likely source. Indeed, I was thinking to upload a watermarked version of the 128 bit mp3 version, which is (if I’m not mistaken) the version that the customers will listen. Anyway, it’s not that important I guess. Most people are honest, I hope.
          Thanks again.

  21. Hi,
    I noticed that the tracks in YouLicense are not watermarked. That’s quite concerning I think. Your opinion?
    Also, have you had any luck with this library? I see barely any plays on my tracks (while I have quite a lot of plays on the same tracks with other libraries), so I really wonder if this is worth it at all. Again, I dont like the fact that tracks are not watermarked. Anybody with a minimum of computer skills can download them ..
    Any comments highly appreciated.

    1. Wow, that never even occurred to me. That is a little disconcerting.

      I have had some luck with this library, at least enough to justify paying the annual fee.

  22. Thanks for the response. They finally replied to my e-mail today (a week later). I had already uploaded the song again. The second upload is working fine. It is now searchable. Don’t know what was the problem with the first one. Nice to hear that your experience with them is good. Thanks again.

  23. I’ve been with Youlicense around 3 years , I have the paid membership at $29.99 every 6 months. I think it’s a must to have any success with them. My sales vary from month to month, from one to a few and sometimes nothing, but I always seem to make a profit above the member ship fee. My tunes have been licensed through their standard licensing and sometimes with the ” quick License ” , I only have my low or non sellers opted in for ” quick license ” and fortunately I’m able to make a dollars from those select tracks. All in all I’m happy with them , it adds a couple more dollars to my monthly profits, it all adds up. About your tracks disappearing ? it’s hard to say what could be happening there ? I’ve never had a problem with their system. Are you finishing the whole procedure ? Are you you going to the ” searchable part , clicking the check box and then hitting the OK button when you get to the ” make track searchable ? I’m just trying to guess at what might be the problem. Their response is usually very good so I’m surprised they havn’t got back to you yet. All in all , I’m happy with them and been worth the effort.

  24. Signed up a few days ago for the PAID membership. Uploaded a 2 tracks (128kbp & .WAV). The tracks disappeared. I e-mailed them 3 times to find out what’s wrong. They won’t respond. Has anyone else dealt with this company? Thanks.

  25. I am a full-time composer who works mostly in the buyout scene. I have been very successful with other online music libraries. After putting up 10 of my songs here there hasn’t been any interest at all. It was a waste of time for me to do this and have to use their interface to define-categorize my songs. I think the idea behind the site is modern and good, but this site in itself is too vague and hard for clients to know where quality is if anything goes.

  26. I checked how much it would cost for a commercial license via YouLicense for a feature film with a budget over 40 million….it came back with a $122,080 fee! Is any film company going to pay near that much when they can go over to Pump Audio and pay $5000….or save the 100 grand for a Rolling Stones track???

  27. I recently received an offer for 1 of my songs on YouLicense. I wasn’t happy with the money.
    Is there a lot of give and take between buyers and sellers insofar as negotiating for a better price for the seller?

    1. Richy,

      Click on “My Songs”. Just above the “Find Song” search field you’ll see a checkbox option titled “Enable Delete”. Check that and it should add a “Delete” button beside each of your songs.

      To delete your account entirely, I don’t know. But to downgrade from a paid account you would need to cancel the subscription via your Paypal account.

  28. I’m not far off deleting my account with YL. Have submitted to multiple opportunities but no sales and the quantity and quality of leads is a bit stagnant (IMO). I did make one quality contact through this service but nothing has come of it yet. I have no negative comments – it just isn’t really working for me.

    Honestly, I’m doing far better by researching libraries and cold-calling the ones I want.

    1. Sad to hear that Rob.. cos I just set up a free account with lots of hope & am wondering if I should upgrade to pro..
      I like the quick licensing ability & being able to license directly seems cool, but perhaps the traffic there might be ridiculously slow.. only had 2 plays in the last 4 days..
      Has anyone here gotten a more positive experience after upgrading?
      Other than being able to upload more songs & submit more trax, what are the other advantages to upgrading?


      1. Hey K,

        There is any number of factors in confluence that could have lead to my flat experience there. I would not discourage anyone else from using the service, and it appears some have had success there. It just doesn’t seem to be working for me.

          1. Track plays have increased more than 10 fold since I went Pro..
            Am regularly adding more trax, 38 so far..
            Still no sales as of yet.. very early days I know..
            Response to composer issues have been very good I must add..


            1. Good luck there, KO. My subscription lapses 28th this month. I won’t be renewing it. My best outcomes so far have been through FMN and cold calling.

              1. Thanks Rob.. I’m gonna need that from the feedback so far..
                A couple of friends recommended FMH before.. I might try that out soon too..
                I guess the best approach for beginners is to try out a bit of everything til’ we find out what works best for us perhaps..


                1. K.O. wrote: “I guess the best approach for beginners is to try out a bit of everything til’ we find out what works best for us perhaps..”

                  Agree 100%.

                  1. Ok.. so after going PRO for 1 year plus, I’m deleting my account now.. I had only 1 sale there & for $4.. I felt insulted, took down all my 50 plus tracks.. Moving on.. Not saying they’re good or bad, just didn’t work for me..


  29. I wonder about this in their terms:



    2.1 Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Artist hereby grants to YouLicense a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, unrestricted, royalty-free, sub-licenseable and transferable license, without compensation, liability or notice to Artist, to (in each case directly or through subcontractors):

    I realize that most non-exclusive libraries will ask for those kinds of terms but if they are not a library and just acting as a conduit why those terms? Just curious.

  30. This is the future of music licensing. No middle man. I just got my first license with them and it could not have been easier. An offer was made, terms accepted and money received via Paypal the very same day.

  31. I put a few of my tracks on Youlicense four months ago. I have a free account with them so they take a 10% cut from any fee’s I receive. I’ve had 5 licenses so far and one of these was via the submission route.You can make one free submission per month if you have a free account. I really cant fault them to be honest.Whilst I haven’t made heaps of money through the site I am pleased that I didn’t have to pay a sign up fee and 10% is a pretty decent cut. I am intending to pay for an account now as I want to upload more than 10 songs and I think the fee is decent especially when you consider that they take no commission fee’s when you have a paid-for account.

      1. There’s quite a big variance. One of them has had just 5 plays, one about 100 and one has 1500. I don’t think the number of plays has increased my chances – I think its really important to correctly tag the songs so that they are easily searched for by buyers. I know that someone has mentioned here that it takes a while to submit each track but the best bit of advice I have seen on this site is to ensure you spend time tagging your tracks correctly. This seems to have worked for me.

  32. I signed up with YouLicence in May 2008. I was not interested in a paid account, so did the “freebie” but quickly found that the opportunities were payable only via Paypal. since I’ve had some really bad experiences with PayPal I decided not to bother with the site.

    I began receiving annoying emails from them regarding my lack of activity and when I explained my reasons for not wanting to use Paypal they got quite snippy.

    I now delete any emails I get from them. There are plenty of other great sites with good opportunities with no submission fee (and therefore no PayPal nonsense)

    And Hell will freeze over before I sign up with SonicBids!!!

  33. BEWARE – YouLicense posts “fake” listings – just to get paid submissions sent to them. SonicBids does too. Not all their listings are fake,,,but some definitely are.

  34. Woody:

    1- I can assure you that this is the first time we have posted a paid submission opportunity.
    Perhaps you’re confusing us with another site. That’s the truth.

    2- We take your comment about “All Genres” on board and understand your issue. This was our partners choice and knowing the nature of our partner ( who has posted many free submission opportunities on YouLicense as well) we think this is a great opportunity for our users. We get approached by a lot of companies who want to charge for submissions, this is the first time we’ve agreed to it.

    However, we understand your concern about this and it’s something we will think about and consider.

    As I mentioned before, there are many ways to use YouLicense, so you can choose whether or not you feel comfortable submiting to these opportunities.


  35. I subscribed to YouLicense around a year ago with a BMI discount (so it was around $30 or so for a year…not too bad)…..I’ve got a small portion of my catalog up.

    I don’t really bother with the opportunity submissions, but I have had a few licensing transactions for decent prices (as compared to standard royalty-free model type library pricing)….so I made my money back and a decent chunk extra.

    However, I’m not sure I’ll renew my subscription, as the sales seem to be very rare, and the uploading process is a bit laborious.

  36. Hi Guys, Naama from YouLicense here. Allow me to jump in and explain that the paid submission opportunity was posted by a partner that we work very closely with. In the time we have been operating this is the first time we have allowed for a paid submission opportunity to be posted on the site as we know that this is a great opporrunity for our users, many of whom don’t have any other way of pitching to these types of projects.

    There are also many FREE submission opportunities on YouLicense. All the opportunities are checked and approved by the YouLicense team beforehand to make sure that we are not wasting your time or money.

    And regarding the question by John Telaak, YES, you can join YouLicense and receive offers as well as enable Quick License to allow instant pre priced licensing deals.

    There are many ways to license music on YouLicense, you don’t have to submit to opportunities if it’s not your thing.

    Contact me directly if you have any questions – [email protected]

    1. Naama –

      With all due respect, the first paragraph of your post is neither clear nor entirely true, and you did NOT address the issue Dave in LA brought up. Aside from the four that are up on the first page of ‘Opportunities’, I’ve seen any number of paid submission opportunities at your site in the 6 months I’ve been a ‘free’ member – and regardless of who your partner is, this posting appears to be a ‘honey trap’. Commercials almost always have creative and marketing needs that narrow down the genre of music considerably, and the ones that don’t pay a good deal more than the one you’re offering.

      Can you address the point? Why “ALL GENRES”? And why would you say “this is the first time we have allowed for a paid submission opportunity to be posted on the site” when that’s obviously not true?

  37. In Dec- 09 YouLicense posted an “Licensing-opportunity” that was obviously phony and designed to get maximum paid submissions mailed in ,,,,with no chance of success for songwriters. It’s not the only time YouLicense has done this.

    They post “German Luxury Auto Co. looking for music for TV and Internet ads. They dangle a large carrot,,,in this case it was $25,000. and then said it was open to “ALL GENREs”.

    BEWARE. – Not all YouLicense postings are fake,,,,,but some are definitely fake.

  38. I uploaded 10 tracks {free membership} and have no intentions to pay to submit but was wondering if you could still get offers without submitting ?

    I know the odds aren’t great but I have tracks in quite a few places and figured the more places the better chances of getting some placements – i’m assuming your tracks could come up in a search and you could possibly get an offer that way – right ?

    If i’m wrong about that please enlighten me – and Dave I agree “never pay to submit”


  39. With YouLicense you have the same chance of getting your song “picked” as winning the lottery.
    But the lottery ticket is only ONE dollar, , , and it pays MUCH more.

    Save your time and money.
    Never pay to submit songs.

  40. One of the more interesting concepts we stumbled upon on the web. saves a middleman and gets your music to many music supervisors and industry people. Our catalog of Anova Music is represented there and we’re very pleased by them.

  41. I’ve been doing a bit of stuff with Youlicense for a few months now and recently upgraded to the starter package after a few deals. One thing that I do like about them is that their commission is so low (0% when you upgrade, 9% before that) so even if the prices are low, you still get a similar amount to a 50/50 deal with higher prices.

    I think that most libraries with potentially hundreds of thousands of tracks are very difficult to get regular sales with, as unless you’ve got an enormous catalog, your tracks are pretty much a needle in a haystack. I put youlicense in this category therefore anything I make from them is a bonus, rather than something that I expect or rely on.

  42. Dov,
    Thanks for the interesting report about your recent experience with YouLicense!
    I’m curious which of their Plans you are subscribing to? The have the “Starter” plan for about $30/month, the Business plan for $50/month and the Professional plan for $80/month. If you only want to showcase up to 50 tracks, you may have started with the “Starter” plan.

    So my question is “how much control do you have over the licensing types and pricing”?
    I know their standard (cheaper) site plans let you select from a few licensing “package” options, but don’t give you full control over each unique license type and pricing, but maybe this is what the branded Starter plan offers? Please confirm, or maybe send me an email through the contact form on my website.


  43. I’ve uploaded 10 songs with them (if you have the “free” account, this is the max). I submitted a song to one of the opportunities they have on the site. Been working with them for a few weeks now, so I must be patient. But so far, no issues.

  44. Yeah, they’re pretty cool. I’ve made one contact since I’ve been with them.

    On a side note, I got some pretty nasty emails from one of their “clients” after I applied to one of the opportunities. We were going back and forth about their terms and I had some questions and he got very defensive at one point and told me to forget it, that he didn’t want someone who was in it for the short term and that any advice he had “given” me I should have to pay for because I’m an idiot. I couldn’t believe it!
    But I emailed YouLicense and the “client’s” ad was promptly removed. They seem very legit.

  45. I emailed them recently to ask a few questions, and it all adds up to a pretty good venture. Check the site out, as its very easy to navigate and there’s no hidden gremlins in terms of non disclosed stuff.

  46. They have recently released a new product the ‘Private Label’ which is actually geared more towards musicians who have a small to medium sized catalogue of music they would like to sell. This is potentially a viable channel for composers. You have a website tailor made to your specifications, your own prices( if adition to their standard licenses and rate cards) and powered by the youlicense engine.
    If you have a youlicense profile already, your private Label content will show up there too. It certainly is a good way to direct clients to without them being distracted by the thousands of others on the youlicense website.
    I set this up recently and have had more interest than from my standard youlicense profile to date.
    check it out

  47. It’s an interesting concept and they do offer some convenient tools for artists & bands to promote their music, now covering both retail downloads and commercial music licensing.

    This is their 2nd summer since they started in 2007, and they’ve added a few features and monthly plans which lets the publishers keep 100% of their sales. I haven’t found a way to set my own license pricing, but they do offer a some options like: “Indie artist”, web-geared projects and a standard Media Industry licensing rate card approach.

    They also host a licensing marketplace which lets music buyers post their submission oppotunities and requirements, but the ratio of buyers to artists must be about 1 to 100 (or higher), so it’s quite a “numbers game” to get anything placed even if you’re able to submitt your music for projects in a timely manor.

    Artist members get 1 free submission, but may have to pay to submit to more opportunities. This reminds me of how SonicBids is set up. There’s Pros and Cons to all these different business models, so you should budget your money for the things that will work best for you in the long run.

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