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Not strictly a music library but if you are a composer and/or songwriter, please leave your comments and experiences with this company. We want to hear the good as well as the bad! Below is some general information but we make no guarantee of accuracy. Check with the company for all details. Please contact us for any corrections.


136 thoughts on “YouLicense”

  1. You license seems to be out of biz… the link redirects towards a scammy credit card thing…
    Art, I recommend you remove any links/pages to Youlicense…
    I wonder what the old tracks I have there have become…

  2. I bought an mp3 for an instrumental song, and I can’t access it on the website, didn’t get an email, and can’t find it at all. Already paid $1 for it, would really like to use it.

  3. edit: nevermind the site is back up and running now

    Site seems to be down again, no way I know of to contact any customer service. The owner is at https://twitter.com/maorezer if anyone wants to try and tweet at him. Had to refund a payment recently prior to it going down as they never received their track and they paid twice!

  4. Hi
    It seems to be up and running. I last used the site in December 2017. Does little in the way of passing trade – ie. ad hoc sales – but can be very useful in generating contracts and handling the legal aspect if working on a custom cue for a client. Useful resource in that respect I think.

    • YouLicense has been out of service this past couple days. Has also been spotty on and off all past month – getting a bit unreliable to rely on it for purchasing/licensing links. Debating whether to hold out for another day or 2, or change my checkout method altogether to a more robust system.

    • Last time I had a similar issue, (out of my account for almost 7 months) I had to call the guy to Israel. The phone number is at paypal. Let me know if you can’t get it and I’ll send it to you.

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