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    Groovydude, how has the last year been for you if I may ask?

    I’ve been doing the licensing thing since the summer of 2014, and things are really looking up for me. I’ve signed with 1 big hitter library and made several albums for them for a decent upfront fee. Signed multiple tracks to libraries represented by APM and EMI, and done an album for a WCPM library. Just started on another album for an APM library.

    I got my first royalty check in Sept. of 2015 for $500, but got $25 last quarter. But I’m not worried. I know I have a bunch of tracks that were placed on this one show on VH1 that re-airs a bunch in April-June, and they just filed out their cue sheets, so that payment will come in March. Hopefully this payout gets above 4 figures.

    All my placements so far are from my tracks I just started out with in 2014-mid 2015. Since about September of last year I started working with the higher up libraries, and most of that music isn’t even out yet. I’m interested to see what these royalties will be in a year, 2 years, 3 years. Hopefully high, I work pretty hard if I say so myself.

    2014 – $0
    2015 – $4,100
    Hoping for big things in 2016, but especially in 2017 and beyond.


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    @Scott : These figures are great, would you mind mentionning how many tracks you have and if they are exclusives, non-exclusives or RF?



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    what 135k from one track? is that actually possible. how could one track pay so much? not even high end trailers pay out that much.

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    Really interesting post. I am new in the library world. Is’possible to have the name of all these libraries ?

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    Hi, such an inspirational thread. I hope Alan or any of the other folks here could do an update til now (2017) if thats ok. your journeys are so helpful, entertaining and a pleasure to read since no two journeys are alike…thanks in advance

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    Hello to all. I look at it this way. “Any monies that come out of your being creative are a blessing!” Keep going, and keep growing!! Everything is not based on a price tag. Being able to make a denomination from the thoughts that you have in your head; and turning them into something for others to enjoy is PRICELESS!!!

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    I’ll glad you liked that post. I’ll try to remember to do a 7 year update in January

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    Happy New Year all!
    Here is my 7 year update as requested by boinkeee2000

    Total income – $26K
    PRO – $10K
    RF Sales – $10.5K
    Sync Fees – $5.5K
    Track Count – about 280. I only did 28 tracks this year due to lot a couple of deaths in the family and other “life” stuff.

    Thoughts. I should be pretty happy about my progress, it would look great as a graph, but I’m feeling a bit discouraged. I tested the exclusive waters this year and I think it was a mistake. There were a couple of doom-and-gloom threads about the state of the industry by some seasoned vets here on MLR that got into my head too.

    I hope to get a fresh start this year and I’m going to focus on writing the highest quality stuff I can, regardless of how many tracks I do.

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    thanks alan for remembering. congratz on hitting your goal of +20K, how does it feel? would you start considering going full time now? you also seem bummed out about your exclusive venture…

    A special mention that you also hit your target with only 280 tracks! Im sure theres folks that have double that track count who are not hitting those figures…a testament to your work.

    heres a left field question, are you still making $$ now from your first 50 tracks 6-7 years ago?

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    would you start considering going full time now?

    I don’t really have a day job to quit. I have a military retirement pension and a good paying part time gig has a house sound engineer. I think 30-40 tracks a year is about all I can do and keep my sanity.

    you also seem bummed out about your exclusive venture…

    I think it was a mistake, but I’ve learned I really won’t know for 5 years. They all have a reversion clause, so the bright side is I’ll have a large batch of Non-Ex tracks to send out in 3 years. Most are reality TV types that probably won’t do well, but a couple have potential for long term income.

    are you still making $$ now from your first 50 tracks 6-7 years ago?

    Absolutely. The old non-exclusive tracks are the majority of my income. Those are the ones that also get the occasional 4 figure sync fee too. I should mention that 4 figures in PRO income from from a track reality TV is possible, it just takes a long time for me (5+ years). That was the reason I did all those exclusive tracks last year, for long term steady PRO income. My January ASCAP just hit the bank today. It is by far my best January payout. Maybe those exclusives will do something after all 😉

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