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    CHuck Mott

    Yes, I remember going through the cue sheets, and thinking, I did pretty well this quarter but Mark is killing it.I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be getting paid for all those placements, but I would definitely want to understand .


    You know something, it’s fun to watch “The Rounders” speak about their cues. The only people that I am noticing that are not in the convo are “Abby”, “Pat”, and “LAWriter”.


    You know something, it’s fun to watch “The Rounders” speak about their cues. The only people that I am noticing that are not in the convo are “Abby”, “Pat”, and “LAWriter”.

    1. I don’t recall ever getting a placement on BTN. I actually had to look it up to see what it was….. 🙂

    2. I’m not with ASCAP and their silly survey system….. I’m with BMI and their opaque crony system.

    So carry on boys. I sincerely hope you all get your fair pay!!!!!!!


    You know something, it’s fun to watch “The Rounders” speak about their cues.

    Sorry whats ‘The Rounders’ ?


    ANd so what if I’m a little rounder then the next guy….


    Very interesting development here. So last night I was invited to an office warming party by two attorney friends of mine. They just wanted to celebrate the launch of their new firm and include friends for drinks. Of course, lots of attorneys were there. Naturally some folks ask you what you do for a living. When I mentioned music producer for TV, film and advertising, one female attorney said “I recently handled a project for Fox/ BTN where the goal was to avoid being sued by composers who were not getting paid for BTN music use on air.”

    Wow! what a game changer that statement was in the discussion! So after I informed her of how I have never been paid a single cent for BTN cue sheets ( I counted today and I have around 300 to 400 filed), she just kind of rolled her eyes and said “That is crazy becasue I was the attorney in charge of this project to make sure every cue was documented on a cue sheet so composers would be paid.”

    I have her card now. I see a pretty good opportunity here to enlist an attorney to file a class action law suit against ASCAP for no payments from BTN cue sheets and air dates. I logged a message inside my ASCAP account about this. If you are an ASCAP writer who has not been paid for BTN performances, you should do the same. After talking to this attorney it seems like ASCAP is negligent here. They have been giving us all the excuse of “if it does not get tracked in our survey, we will not pay you.”

    This attorney told me that BTN and FOX absolutely paid and do pay the PRO’s, ASCAP included, and therefore all composer names on those cue sheets should be getting paid. FOX owns 51% of the BTN as it is a joint venture between FOX and The Big Ten Schools.

    I will be following up on this next week.If you are an ASCAP writer in the same situation for BTN cue sheets, I suggest you dial up the pressure on ASCAP as soon as possible. It sounds to me that they have collected money from BTN/ FOX, but are not in the mood to distribute it to writers. And they are hiding behind the excuse of “it’s not getting tracked in our surveys.” I doubt ASCAP would want to see a class action law suit for this, so hopefully they can reach into their 1.3 Billion stash and pay all of us our fair share for BTN background cues.


    I’m not sure who are you are Music1234, but feel free to reach out to me directly through my website or FB if we’re friends there. I’m happy to help out with this. I’m not sure how much I’m missing out on because every 3 to 4 quarters I do get a nice BTN payout, but as mentioned above, my wife is with BMI (we split the cues) and she gets paid every quarter, for EVERY airing.


    @Music 1234 I’m in on the class action deal. Where do I sign up? I first realized that I was not getting paid by ASCAP in the summer of 2017 when a BMI co-writer received his second four figure check for a BTN placement that performed extremely well. And over the last couple of years I estimate that I’ve missed out on about 5k on this one track which has continued to perform very well, mostly on BTN Live. But I’ve had several tracks place on BTN as well, around 400 cue sheets in my ASCAP account, at least. When I started digging around and calling up ASCAP to figure out what in the hell was going on, (why would my BMI co-writer be receiving thousands of dollars for performance royalties and I was getting paid NONE, ZERO, NADDA, ZILCH)… I got the ole’ “sample surveying” excuse… so I decided to leave to ASCAP. And now with BMI I’ve had several more BTN placements and I do get paid for them, ALL of them, at least all of the ones to my knowledge. And all the co-writers I’ve had BTN placements with that are BMI writers get paid too. So YEAH, there should be a class action suit against ASCAP in my opinion. They owe me thousands of dollars for all the BTN placements. How do I connect with this lawyer? I want in. -P.G. (


    @pgbanker and Mark. Now that I have learned about this BTN/ FOX issue from an attorney, I will first give ASCAP a chance to pay me for the 400 cue sheets on file. I logged an inquiry in my on line account as we’re supposed to do. I suggest you guys do the same and present BMI co write statements as evidence that co writers were paid by BMI. If several ASCAP writers all log an inquiry, they may look closely at this and distribute for those 2016 to 2018 performances in the next cycle. It does seem clear as day that FOX/ BTN did their part in paying the PRO’s. It’s now up to ASCAP to pay the writers.

    For the record, I did not go to this law office cocktail party with any intent of finding lawyers to help address problems with ASCAP. I just went to have a drink, a good time and this conversation with a lawyer who used to work for FOX/ BTN fell on my lap. It was merely a coincidence.


    @music1234 – Good luck with going that route man! I’ve done all that. I filed complaint with ASCAP in 2017, submitted co-writer royalty statements as proof, climbed up the corporate ladder over the course of 6 months (they took 3 months to respond to my initial “inquiry”) and was very persistent about the issue, demanding an explanation for why I was not getting paid. I finally got a vice president of global services on the phone and he basically said “sorry dude”, you are out of luck… “sample surveying” is the excuse he gave… they will tell you the same thing music 1234… they’ve got a team of 10 lawyers on staff who work for ASCAP… it’s an uphill battle man, but I wish you the best of luck!

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