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    @pgbanker – I am out of luck already….My inquiry/ message has been closed with the response below. The irony of this is that ASCAP, being the one PRO that does display cue sheets for us to look at, (BMI and SESAC do not show all cue sheets filed in our accounts) does not pay us based on the cue sheets filed, instead they use the good ole survey. Below is ASCAP’s sophisticated and wordy way of saying “we simply do not feel like paying for BTN cues because it’s not economically feasible.” But, the attorney I met assured me that ASCAP was paid by BTN/ FOX so that ultimately the writers would be paid. I studied 12 qtrs of BTN cue sheets and ASCAP statements. ASCAP paid two royalties totaling $78 for 416 cue sheets from BTN.

    Does anyone know how much air time they actually “survey” in a given quarter?

    ASCAP monitors performances on the Big Ten Network using our sample survey method. As you may be aware, whenever it is economically feasible, ASCAP will conduct a census survey, or complete count, of performances in a medium. In this type of survey ASCAP is able to count all performances in a medium when the cost of collecting and processing accurate data is a low enough percentage of the licensing revenue that the medium generates. Where a census survey is impractical, we conduct a sample survey designed to be a statistically accurate representation of performances in a medium. All times of the day, all days of the year, every region of the country and all types and sizes of stations are represented in the ASCAP sample surveys. Upon receiving this claim we have researched performances on the Big Ten Network covering the performance period October 1, 2017 through March 31, 2019 (4Q17-1Q19) to ensure your distribution statements reflecting those performance periods were accurate. Please note that per our current policies, we are only able to review performances beginning October 1, 2017 at this time. Based on the provided information and our records, unfortunately none of the performances per these cue sheets fell within the sample date(s) and time(s) covering the aforementioned quarters on the Big Ten Network therefore no royalties were generated for these performances. If there are any additional performances in question please do not hesitate to submit a new Member Access “Message” for our review. Additionally please feel free to review ASCAP’s Governing Documents (Survey and Distribution Rules, and reach out via a new Message or by phone at 800-952-7227 with any additional questions.

    Michael Nickolas

    I got the pretty much the same response asking about NBA TV.

    I once won the ASCAP C/S lottery though. I had a piece used on HBO show up in the sample survey instead of the usual census. Paid out $2,237.14 for a single placement. Not sure if that makes up for everything I’ve missed out on over the years…

    Willie III Eaglin

    I have 60 cues sheets with about a couple hundred uses.. a friend has 176 cues sheets with even more. I was told by my publisher that ascap will NOT pay out for BTN.. Im done
    Going to BMI Jan 2020…

    Willie III Eaglin

    THIS IS FREAKING ROBBERY!!! ASCAP is keeping our money man.. bunch of crooks!

    Vibe Walker

    This is absolutely insane. How can they just not payout those shares when clearly the cue sheets are documented proof that our works/cues performances generated royalties? I have 176 BTN cue sheets in my account that 1 cue generated. That 1cue was used 3 or 4 times on each cue sheet with a minimum duration time of at least 1min per usage. They owe me 1000s for these performances. I’m definitely in on filing a class action law suit!


    Yep ASCAP are the problem here end of the story. if our composer colleagues are getting paid for BTN placements for the same shows then we at ASCAP should be also. anyway i’ve only had to put of with this nonsense for 2 years before i finally resigned from them last year. moved to BMI this year and will be taking my back catalog over too hopefully although there’s a bit more of a process to that. i suggest all media composers who are with ASCAP do the same. resign today. this is the window they allow it between October and December 2019. they might not give a s**t but it might at least send them a message that its disgusting to treat writers this way.


    As of today I have 454 BTN cue sheets in my ASCAP account. I’ve only been paid for one single placement and it was for over 100 bucks. They owe us a whole lot more. If you haven’t been paid, file an inquiry with ASCAP. If we all step up maybe they’ll take notice and do the right thing.


    Hey all, as I continue to investigate even further the problem extends beyong just BTN. It’s also a few other cable networks including all these.

    I also verified that my BMI co -writer was paid $72 for a cue drop on NBC Sports Network an extra cable channel. I was not paid for the same cue title on this network.

    Here is what we all need to do to get results, hopefully

    1. File an inquiry at ASCAP today
    2. E-mail everyone on the board of directors at ASCAP and inform them of this problem and point them to this thread. Here they all are:
    3. Threaten to pull catalog and change to BMI if they do not start taking these networks seriously.They are selling blanket licenses to these networks which bolsters the $1.3 billion slush fund. They seem to be deciding that this money coming from NBC Sports network, Golf channel, BTN, NBA TV, etc…is not worthy of distributing to writers unless it is in the ridiculous “survey”. This is absurd. BMI does not see it that way.

    I can conclude that I have been duped out of at least 3 to 5 K these past 3 years because of ASCAP’S policy about these networks “not worth their time”

    This is Rubbish. These networks are on Sports bars all the time, nationwide broadcasting stuff and people are watching! This is not the obscure local Christian Preacher TV channel 894 that no one ever watches.

    Please, everyone, dial up the protest. Threaten to move to BMI, and hopefully they will start to pay off these cue sheets.

    I have appreciated what ASCAP has done for me for 25 years now but this is just not right!


    Going to BMI Jan 2020…

    I’d love to tell you guys that BMI is better, but honestly, it’s just as bad. Only different. They (BMI) are not paying on hundreds of placements for me. That is hundreds that I accidentally discovered. I’d guess thousands over the years. And there is no answer from them as to “why”. Pick your poison. BMI, ASCAP, SESAC. All cut from the same cloth.


    Pick your poison. BMI, ASCAP, SESAC. All cut from the same cloth.


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