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    @ Michael L……..hilarious. Laughing my arse off over here.


    @ Vlad …. Deeply sampled too, with 8 velocity layers and keyswitches from Billy goat (stagoatto) to Nanny goat (legoatto).


    Yeah…and I just ordered that new goat-bleating sample library for Kontakt!

    Also, I hear that sample library uses a lot of RAM! 😛


    the best part is in the ‘work 4 us’ page.

    they demand a fee for submitting music to them :))))

    this is super hilarious, who made this
    is either very funny either completely insane.

    if it is for real, than i could see why they had this idea.
    the site’s staff is living in norway or some nordic countries
    plus uk. when the minimum wage in your country is about 1,500 eur
    i can see why you could make music for free and still
    survive on cleaning tables at a restaurant or somth like that.

    ppl, such a continuous curiosity…

    Thomas Orsi

    Doubt if this is a parody, sadly.

    jorik nyborg

    Indeed. This is a serious site for serious musicians who buy into our concept. If that concept doesn’t appeal to anyone then simply don’t submit.

    The 7.99 submission fee is a necessary evil as it covers admin costs. However, this hasn’t put people off and we have now had over 3000 submissions. The database will be going live soon as will the PLOD Player ™ (Production Library On Demand).

    Many exciting things are happening at the moment, not least the fact that last week we took delivery of a brand new BMW X5 40d MSport. We purchased this in order that we have a reliable means of travel as we travel around Europe in June spreading the QFM word. It really is a great car – spacious, comfortable yet capable of blistering performance.

    In other exciting news, we are currently having a new kitchen installed in our offices. This has been specially designed to order by UK kitchen architect Declan Nippersley.

    Of course, the real excitement is in sorting through all the tremendous music that has been sent to us. The response has been amazing and all but a few dissenting voices seem to support our philosophy that music should be free.

    Why? Because it allows for the creative and editorial processes of film makers to continue unhindered by archaic principles of financial remuneration. This in turn gives more demand for music overall. So you see it is win/win.

    Please keep sending in the great music guys!

    Best wishes, Jorik

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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