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    Way to go Frequencee!Your music has the “now” sound,very well deserved.

    Not sure if it counts as a single-use but my biggest one so far was on E!.
    A placement on an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” netted me
    about $420.
    They used both the Full ($240) and Bed ($180) version of my track in that episode.

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    From my experience getting on a network show like the Bachelor pays out like bananas (probably my biggest payout was from this, don’t remember what it was like $250 or so for a 30 second background cue, but I had a few cues on a few episodes so it added up a lot). MTV and VH1 payout surprisingly nice. And yeah, there’s so many variables, I’ll have a cue sheet for something like Real Housewives where a cue gets like $150 and then another one gets like $5. It’s so random.

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    that’s a brilliant pay out frequencee. if you could get a few of these regularly you’d be laughing. i heard the track, it fits perfect for something like tennis. the tennis channel is cable though is it not network? so cable can pay just as good as the big networks it seems.

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    I believe Tennis Channel is cable @Dannyc. I wouldn’t say Cable pays just as good as big networks although I haven’t really had placements on major networks yet to compare. If the same placement/usage/airings had been on a major network I would think the payout would of been significantly higher.

    It was pure luck. The usage of 02:43 of music compared to typical reality tv cues that are mostly :20-:50. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Since it aired 76 times I guess I benefited from the payout formula having approx. 200 minutes of music airing during the quarter just from that placement.

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    Mike Marino

    I had a track used in the 2016 French Open (Tennis Channel). 1:35 of the track used (airing 76 times) paid out $675.

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    I had a track used in the 2014 French Open. Never saw a dime and still don’t know how they licensed the track. Maybe a RF site?

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    Anyone know how usage in prime time pays for History Channel? I recently had about 10 mins of music used in a 9pm special.

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    Art Munson

    Anyone know how usage in prime time pays for History Channel? I recently had about 10 mins of music used in a 9pm special.

    History Channel pays decently. BMI doesn’t give you time of day but we’ve been on American Pickers for years and it’s a popular show. Here are some examples.

    $8.58 – 1:19
    $8.33 – 0:44
    $1.84 – 0:22

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    :16 on SNL, one airing was $34.55

    1:24 on Tosh 0 was 50.16 with re-runs over $500

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    Art Munson

    Nice Alan!

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    I just got two CRAZY single use payouts.
    They were under the “Local TV Programs” section of my ASCAP statement and each 0:17 single use (# of plays=1) paid $1,027.00!
    The “Performance Type” was listed as “J’ which is “Music written for and used in TV commercials or created for a purpose other than a TV commercial but used in a TV commercial with lyrics altered for the purpose of the TV commercial.”
    The shows are very popular nationally syndicated entertainment/talk shows.

    I can only guess that lyrics were added to the track? Or it’s a huge mistake?

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    Wow, that is crazy!! Congrats!!

    I have had a few commercials run on major network and local programming. The major networks usually paid between $18 and $20 per airing, the local spots were usually under $1. Also listed with J as performance type.

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    that really makes me believe mine is a mistake. I won’t be a bit surprised if my Adjustment section has a -$2K in the near future. I may not see any royalties for a while! Until then, I’ll bask in my glory, haha.

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    Michael Nickolas

    What’s listed in the C/S category of the statement for those?

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    C/S category = S

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