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    I finally got around to reading my latest PRO statement and had a cable placement for $180.00 – I thought only broadcast Tv paid that well?..i’m still learning how all this works but pleasantly surprised about the $ that can be made on the backend..after reading all the other high one time payouts here I think I should be finishing some songs I have half done instead of posting here 🙂


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    Its was probably really long or re-aired a lot.

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    it was a minute and a half..and it might have been in primetime (I think that matters?) – it did air alot though..either way..cha ching 🙂

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    Yes, prime time is very good. Thats whats good with cable, airs a lot and will continue to air, placements on cable seems to less more time then network. But with network placements you see the money right away, and if it repeats, then even better.

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    I just had a fat couple of fat single placements on my January ASCAP statement. 44 seconds of a JP tune on Bravo at primetime paid out $111.77 Note the #of plays column said 15, But I’m not sure what that means.

    The series was Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding (never hoid of it). The same episode outside of primetime paid $11, $14 and $18, quite a change huh?

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    My last post made me wonder, so I looked it up. The $111 was from 15 primetime airings of a single episode.

    From ASCAP

    “# Plays: The number of times in each Day Part that a film, television program or episode, or a commercial, promotional or public service announcement has
    been processed for royalty distribution.”

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    @alan – Very interesting. I hadn’t even noticed that column before. Thanks for pointing it out!

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    “Something like the Super Bowl would have no effect, other than it’s in prime time”

    Michael L is almost right here! I had the good fortune of having one of my cues used twice in the 2013 Superbowl. The catch – it didn’t pay prime time – it clocks at Afternoon rate, which only pays 75%! Go figure!

    This placement was through Music Dealers, who has been kicking in nicely for me this year. I kept half the publishing, which was paid out by ASCAP today. Here’s the breakdown on what it paid based on total writer’s share:

    1st use) 10sec / Afternoon / Theme / no premium credits
    payout: $28

    2nd use) 25sec / Afternoon / Theme / no premium credits
    payout $280

    The “theme” use helped, otherwise the payout would have been only $15/150. It’s pretty amazing the difference between the 25sec and 10sec payout, a factor of 10x. I’m disappointed that there were no premium credits, considering it’s the most watched event of the year. It actually paid less than a prime time show. Oh well. I was dreaming a little bigger and I’m sure my BMI friends would have seen a bigger payout on this. No complaints though, I get the writer’s share next month.

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    I have received $199.79 for a placement on Nick.

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    Euca, It was instrumental, thanks.

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    i like this thread very inspiring. anyone had any good pay outs recently on the networks, CBS, FOX, ABC etc? do the networks pay the rest when it comes to PRO?

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    Only been doing this since 2014 and had the largest payout so far on my last BMI statement. $120 for 53 seconds of a track used in prime time on a Discovery show back in summer 2016 called Dual Survival.

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    This past January’s statement for Q2 2015 (my 4th statement to date) received a surprise placement on the Tennis Channel during the 2016 French Open. BI, 02:46, aired 76 times. Payout was just under 1.2K. My tunesat account never picked it up.

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    Art Munson

    Payout was just under 1.2K. My tunesat account never picked it up.

    Congrats Frequencee, nice one!

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    Thanks Art!

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