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    Just curious if anyone has given this service a shot?

    They are offering a free 14 day trial for 20 tracks, I just uploaded 20 today.

    A warning to all, they want composers to voluntarily upload their CVS files of PRO statements to “analyze” your royalty data and payments to give composers “insights”. I’d be very cautious about uplodaing away your PRO statements to this company. It does not seem to be mandatory to use their detection service, but I have to wonder why they want to “coerce” music producers into uplodaing their PRO Statement CVS files? Seems like they have a hidden agenda.

    I just do not see how we’d benefit from their “data analysis”? We can simply look at statements and analyze them ourselves and sort the data ourselves to get “insights”.

    If anyone has any thoughts on this, I’d be curious to hear them.


    Maybe they have some sort of AI thing going on that they want to train for whatever. I wouldn’t do it anyway any more than I would upload paycheck stubs. If you don’t actually need to upload it, then they don’t need it either. Wouldn’t hurt to ask them though. I could be miles off base.


    Well I uploaded tracks that I already know are getting broadcast and so far their detection service works. I can download a CVS file that shows date and time the track was broadcast, TV Network (station), Title, duration of the clip, Country it aired in, Show it aired on, program type (show, promo, or ad)…but the one interesting piece of data is they list the production company behind the show (Disney TV Animation, Comedy Central, 20th Century Fox, ESPN Productions, VICE, Discovery, etc)

    All in all, it seems pretty cool so far. In the CVS file you get links (viusal and audio reference) to check out each detection like this:

    They are using Vericast/ BMAT Technology, so they clearly made some sort of deal with BMAT and Vericast.

    I do find this CVS file that I can download to be quite useful.

    Art Munson
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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