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    What do you find is the best approach when asked to provide 30/60″ edits as well as full-lengths ?

    I was thinking of writing the short-form version and then extending it. That would ensure that the edit versions have a cohesiveness to them and don’t sound like a butchered version of the full-length. But every library composer I’ve asked so far does it the opposite way around.

    The album is in a modern classical style which I think is harder to edit than loop/pattern-based tracks. If I start with the 30″ then at least I know I won’t write long phrases or chord progressions that don’t fit in 30″ !

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    Yes, sometimes it’s not easy to do the short versions because of the tempo and chord progressions. I don’t cut them from the full tracks, I do it in my DAW project. There you have more flexibility to edit the length of different parts of the track.

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    I found a lot of good info on making edits and 30″ versions here:

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    If you have Cubase there is an arranger mode which non destructively allows you to re arrange a project.If happy you can then flatten the “arrangement” to the timeline. Brilliant feature for edits.

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    Thanks woodsdenis – infact I do use Cubase (daily) but have never thought about using the Arranger mode before. Now I have a good reason to 🙂

    And thanks soundroad & Desire_Inspires too.

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    Yes thanks DI there seems to be a lot of good info in that thread.

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    Your particular genre–classical–indeed presents the opportunities (and thus challenge) for longer thematic ideas such that it’s indeed a good idea to check the length for :30 compatibility as you go.

    When I’m composing, I’ll indeed write the full-length version, but before committing it, I’ll immediate set to work on the :30. Most of the time, I find I can create a cohesive cutdown so long as I can change the tempo by plus/minute a few BPM. Tempo’s one of those things that while writing feels like a bigger difference as you’re adjusting it then when you have the chance to get away from the track and come back with fresh ears. Once I have the 30’s tempo nailed I’ll use it on the full length and other versions.


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    For me, linking to Rjay’s comment, the most important part of this job is composition and on that basis, shortly after creating the initial idea I will be sketching and exploring the opportunities for Sting, 15, 30, 60 and Full. Varying tempo, rhythmic backing, motif development opportunities etc helps you identify where a track is comfortable and where it works. Again for me, each edit needs to sound like a complete standalone piece – that’s the job in my opinion.

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