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    My assistant Jordi is going to use our PIR studio to record the film soundtrack for his latest movie that he is directing called “Metal Creepers” (a Spanish comedy/terror movie).
    He wants to be able to record all the orchestral parts himself and we need some suggestions for sample libraries that we are missing from our palette.
    This is for Pro Tools and just about any plugin compatible with Pro Tools (sampletank 2, Kontakt, etc)

    Mainly we need:

    Action Strings
    any orchestral library that lends itself to action or trailer music style soundtracks

    Cinematic Percussion
    What library are you all using that I hear uploaded to constantly to create these great cinematic or film trailer sound percussion tracks?

    Thanks for your help and suggestions.


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    Art Munson

    Hi Mark, there is a library called Action Strings that Native Instruments puts out for Kontakt. Pre-recorded action strings and used judiciously is very believable (IMHO).

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    Art Munson
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    noice! will probably get that one. thanks.

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    Rob (Cruciform)

    Heavyocity Damage is a standard cinematic percussion library that you’ll find in most people’s toolbox. But there are heaps, all great, and all providing variations of colours.

    Soundiron APE
    Project Sam True Strike
    Cinesamples Cineperc, Drums of War 2
    Spitfire Percussion
    8Dio Epic Taiko, Epic Toms, Epic Frame, Epic Dhol

    All of those are for Kontakt.

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    “Heavyocity Damage” was the name I was looking for. Thanks Rob.
    Will check the others in your list as well.

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    Project Sam True Strike
    Cinesamples Cineperc, Drums of War 2
    8Dio Epic Taiko, Epic Toms, Epic Frame, Epic Dhol



    Project SAM Symphobia
    LA Scoring Strings
    You can combine Symphobia and LASS for Zimmer-like strings

    On the synth end:


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    Hi Mark
    I did this trailer a few years ago and used Synphobia for orchestral sounds & Fx plus True Strike Tension library for KorePlayer and Taiko libraries for Stylus by Nine Volt Audio.
    Other stuff that comes to mind is StormDrums 1 & 2 by East West.
    Action tracks I have on Musicloops use mostly this stuff

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    All of the above is great stuff

    Action Strings is great for what he wants to do, Storm Choir is great for chanting choir stuff. Both reasonably priced, Lass and Symphobia are brill but expensive. For Action Strings review

    I use

    Action Strings
    Symphobia 1
    Heavyocity, Damage, Evolve and Aeon.
    Soundirion Apocolypse Olympus
    Strezov Strorm Choir
    Cinesamples CineOrch

    also Protools is a PITA with Virtual Instruments, it may be worth while looking at Vienna Ensemble Pro to host Kontakt.

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    Thanks, these are perfect.

    I combined everything into one list with links and prices to make it easy for other composers to check out all of these great suggestions.


    Action Strings $299.00

    Strezov Strorm Choir $99.99

    Project Sam Synphobia 2 €749 / $999

    Cinesamples CineOrch $99.00

    Vienna Ensemble Pro €235



    Project Sam True Strike €299 / $419

    Cinesamples Cineperc, $299

    Cinesamples Drums of War 2

    Spitfire Percussion £349

    8Dio Epic Taiko $199.00

    8Dio Percussion Libraries

    Nine Volt Audio: Taiko libraries for Stylus $99.99

    StormDrums 1 & 2
    Heavyocity, Damage and Aeon.

    Soundirion Apocolypse Olympus $199.00
    Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble

    Lots of Stuff




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    Art Munson

    Cool Mark, I also put a link in the “Newbie Info” page to your post.


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    I use Damage and 8Dio’s epic taiko ensemble a lot in my trailer music, FYI they’re pretty nasty on the processor for just drum samples. Not as bad as Hollywood Strings though!

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    I think we will be getting the Action Strings by NI. The video tutorial looks amazing and the collection looks really flexible for being essentially a collection of performed loops.

    Damage I’m not as sure about. Does it really give you lots of flexibility and enough sounds? All of the demos sound very similar, is it a one trick pony?

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    Damage is pretty big – loads of cool one hit samples, both processed and natural sounding (kits, toms, ‘damaged’ drums and impacts). There are a lot of somewhat similar sounding loops too, maybe that’s what they play in the demos. IMO overall it’s great value for money, just for the sheer usable content. Usually I’m lucky to find 5 usable patches in a sample library… I have at least 15 Damage tracks in the Logic session I currently have open!

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    Rob (Cruciform)

    +1 to what Mark P said. Even the Damage loops are broken down into slices that can be rearranged. But beyond that there are plenty of kits. Yes, there is a very coherent ‘tone’ to the library but there is a lot in there and you can easily move away from the popular use of it by staying with the kits, and EQing them according to need. And everything that is in there can be used very creatively. I have some unique ways of using things that I don’t hear in anyone else’s work.

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