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    Kevin Pike

    Hi guys,

    Anyone have experience with Identifyy? They are a free service that claims to find your music and gets you paid if your music is played on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. They take a small percentage of what your music has earned. I don’t have any more details than that. Here is their link.



    Hey Kevin,

    I don’t have much experience with Identifyy yet – however, knowing that I was going to have an ad drop on Facebook and Youtube last week with a piece I had written, I had preemptively loaded in the song to the Identifyy database. So I’ll be able to report back at some point to see if they’re catching the plays. Looks like for this period, royalties are paid Oct 31st. Not sure if that’s when they release the actual reports of number of plays (I don’t see any live tallies).

    Personally, I’m mostly curious about Facebook plays myself.

    Similarly, I wonder if anyone has been with Identifyy long enough to see royalties?


    Kevin Pike

    Thanks for replying Brad!
    I asked Identifyy a couple of questions, here is the reply:

    Identifyy fingerprints your music copyrights and claim any videos that use your music on YouTube. We can then collect advertising revenue on those videos.

    We operate on a 70%/30% split–we pay you 70% of the revenue we collect. You can check out our policies in our Terms of Use.

    Tom Rule

    Here’s the initial “cold call” email I received friom them:
    I discovered your music catalog online, and we here at HAAWK Digital Rights Management think you are an ideal artist for our monetization platform, Identifyy. Here’s how it works.

    As I’m sure you are aware, musicians such as yourself frequently have their content used without the proper licensing. However, you can protect your copyrights with our cutting-edge fingerprinting technology!

    Identifyy empowers musicians, rights holders, and creators to monetize third-party videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. We fight for your music rights and get your cut of the profits on any videos that feature your music without proper licensing.

    Try Identifyy at no cost with no caps, no limits, and no premium upgrade offers. It’s easy to get started.

    Create an account
    Upload your original music tracks
    Sit back while we do the grunt work for you
    Collect your royalty payment

    Tom Rule

    I asked about some details – specifically what happens when someone places my music on youtube legitimately by licensing from another company. Here’s the reply:

    dentifyy operates on a 70/30 split – we pay you 70% of the ad revenue we collect on your behalf. This way there is never any out of pocket expenses for you. You can check out more about us in our terms and conditions here and our FAQ here.

    In regards to your last question, if you know of any specific videos or channels that are using your music, you can send those to us ahead of time to be whitelisted. This way, those channels will never see a claim from us. Any other videos that use the music you upload with us will receive a copyright claim and will have the option to dispute it. We have a dedicated admin team that is constantly reviewing our disputed claims and getting them resolved within 24 hours. A copyright claim does not affect the monetization of anyone’s videos, as YouTube holds on to all ad revenue generated during the period of time the video is under dispute and returns it to the proper copyright owner once the dispute is resolved.

    Tom Rule

    Hi, i have experience with identifyy, and all i can say is, if you want to try this service, try it! This service has a great support and everything is cosy to use 🙂

    Per Boysen

    I guess you can not work with Indentifyy when it comes to tracks that you have with a NE library that does their own Content ID in order to protect their clients that have bought a license to using your music.

    Guest it’s totally free and it’s legit, I’m using it just to protect my instrumentals, so feel free to give it a try.


    Do NOT use Identifyy. You are locked into a three year contract with them when you upload your music to their service, and it is impossible to remove your music from their service. Whitelisting of YouTube channels etc. is completely at their discretion. You will completely lose control of any music you upload to their service.

    Art Munson

    That hasn’t been my experience. I’ve only been with Identifyy for about 6 months and haven’t had any problems. I can also say that my income had jumped exponentially from what I was getting from AdRev. No complaints here.


    I will 2nd Art. I uploaded a few of my top RF tracks to test it 4 months ago. After seeing what I was missing out on I added most of my catalog.
    My best example: one track was used in a dance lesson video with 103K views September. It netted me $293 for that month. The video is 3 years old and has 2.9 million views. I try not to think of the money I didn’t collect

    Art Munson

    “I try not to think of the money I didn’t collect”. I know what you mean!


    Identifyy is great if you want an extremely easy and passive way to collect royalties from Youtube performances.

    They operate exactly as advertised, and if you don’t mind giving them a 30% split, there is 0 downside.


    Identifyy was my 1st time with Adrev. I realized this week that I have marked all my RF tracks as non-Adrev for the past 10+ years.
    Have any of you:
    1. Gone back and edited all of your RF tracks to reflect they are noe Adrev?
    2. Seen any negative consequences for not doing that?

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