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    Art Munson

    “Further most people don’t have the type of catalog I have with the type of uses I have so that could be a factor as well.”

    I’d venture to say your situation is markedly different than most composers here. I do know I am not the only on MLR who has had the same experience with AdRev versus Identifyy.

    As far as the other questions you asked both AdRev and Identifyy had basically the same catalog and metadata.

    I have had no problems with customer service on Identifyy. A bit slow at times but nothing critical.

    Money-wise, ballpark, about 10 to 1. I didn’t get too far into the weeds with this as I am happy I made the switch. YMMV.


    If songs are in regular Audiosparx (not Radiosparx only), you can’t put the songs with content ID services such as Identifyy. AS does the content ID management for those tracks and it’s a clause in the agreement. Personally, I don’t care as long as SOMEONE is doing it. I don’t add tracks to Audiosparx anymore, haven’t for a long time. I created a new artist on my account and made that artist “Radiosparx Only”. I learned that by asking AS how to do it. However, you can’t put songs already in full Audiosparx with the initial artist into the Radiosparx Only artist.

    Songs that are with a Radiosparx Only artist are free for you to manage content ID with on your own as RS is in-store audio play only. For more info, contact AS.


    Jonathan Wright

    How does Identify work when it comes to legacy RF libraries?

    I used to contribute to one library that doesn’t allow content ID, and a huge percentage of my non-exclusive music is with them, as well as other vendors.

    The library barely makes any sales, so if I remove all my music from their database, would I be able to then upload those tracks to Identifyy, even though there will be a couple of dozen historical purchases of those tracks from that library in the last decade or so?

    It’s a grey area I’m not sure about. It would be a shame to let potential earnings for hundreds of tracks be lost because of one library that earns me pennies in a year.

    Art Munson

    It shouldn’t be a problem if you remove from the library. It’s been my experience that Identifyy does not issue copyright strikes unless you request it. They will collect and pay you any royalties due.

    I am not a lawyer, this is just my 2 cents. 🙂

    Jonathan Wright

    That’s really helpful, thanks Art (not lawyer).

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)
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