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    Art, when you say you’re only on RadioSparx now, how did you remove the songs from the other parts of AS? From what I understood, once your music was on their site, it was perpetual?

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    Art Munson

    @angopo: It’s a long story but basically I started with them before they implemented that requirement.

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    Ah, thanks Art.

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    Here’s some info worth sharing:
    Identifyy informed me some of my tracks had conflicts with AdRev, but they didn’t know who registered them. I have been very careful to never agree to CID with any non-exclusive tracks.

    After some sleuth work, it turned out someone at a non exclusive Library (SK) registered my tracks with AdRev even though I specifically declined it via email (and they confirmed via email reply) several years ago.

    Fortunately, the library promptly and courteously took care of it. & apologized. Identifyy confirmed I no longer have any conflicts.

    BTW – the April 2023 Identifyy payout for the first full quarter with my entire catalog registered is in the low/mid 4 figures range. 95% of that is from two tracks I had considered poor performers. 50% is from one video. If you haven’t signed on with them, maybe you should reconsider.

    I hope this lasts, but I’ve become quite the pessimist.

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    Scott Ross

    I just recently signed up with Identify also (last October), and just saw what my payout will be for the first payment. Just under $1,000! I’ve been with two other agencies for a couple of years now and have gotten $0.0! 99 percent is from one song with just a solo sax and piano, but lots of videos for that particular song. Glad I found out about Identify!

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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