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    Hello guys. I believe that direct licensing is the future, my RF sales have consistently grown whereas backend has not. I am hardly fishing for ex deals as they are not offering upfront anymore and without a share of licensing it makes no sense. I agree with Alan that composers are the ones with all the cards, we just dont realize that and we all need to come together for that to happen. I believe that A level libraries are very happy dealing just with their established composers who they probably take care of well and will only take on new composers on their own terms, not worth it. Also a point to note is that many composers are underselling themselves on many RF sites and thus not realizing the potential of that.

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    I’ve been sitting on all my new music with the exception of 1 music broker and one RF Library but my stuff sells sparingly on RF sites…I won’t price under $100.00 (I know that’s nuts but WTF?)

    I also use Youlicense w/no luck and the site is down again..ugh..I am making $ through streaming though but it’s a slow trickle..

    anyway..backend is getting ridiculous and I’m stumbling upon LOT”S of placements of mine via Tunesat and Youtube that I never get paid for (no cue sheets filed)

    this is a great and needed conversation..I hope others chime in…Jay

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    I also thought I’d mention I use Twitter daily…with enough hunting you can find music supervisors who put out tweets looking for stuff (I know of about 6) and follow them..I tweet my music and my personality creating a bit of a brand if you will..I also thought if enough composers do this it might work..I’m going to start using this hashtag #licensethissong whenever I post a song or track of mine..if you have enough placements and a good track record maybe..just maybe music supervisors could look outside the libraries and we could change things a bit? I know it’s kind of a dreamy scenario but what other options are there? just for the record I’m an indie rock guy who mainly writes songs and occasionally puts out odd instrumentals..I know most here do production music..I have lots of placements and really feel I’m being shortchanged…I know I’m not alone in thinking that..Jay

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)
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