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    it seems that with each BMI royalty quarter I’m seeing new channel(s). So the increase in sources (channels) and shows is keeping my numbers edging upwards.

    Amazon VOD continues to be shockingly low ( ie: $4 for 500k views of a hit show) – so I’m going to start ignoring that section of my statements 🙂

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    My experience is similar to many of your experiences. “Feels like a stock that won’t break out” is a good description. My income does always increase year over year, but not by a lot. My catalog seems to be growing faster than my income.
    I’m not seeing a decline in royalty payment per placement on network and cable. It’s still great to get network placements.
    Royalty payments for shows produced by Amazon and Netflix are in the range of some medium paying cable placements, not in the range of network placements.
    Yes, a few pages of Hulu pay in the low hundreds, etc. Amazon VOD placements with 300 or 4000 or 18,000 streams pay pennies. Amazon VOD placements with 500K-1M streams pay $10-25. I’m not sure how these numbers compare to royalties for a cable rerun seen by the same number of viewers. (Lower or much, much lower…)
    My overall Blanket payments have been down for a couple quarters but, like many things on these statements, I can’t figure out if that’s fluke or trend.
    Best of luck to all of you in this crazy business.

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    My royalties have gone up, up, and up. Recently climbed into the 5 figure range.

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