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    I would be most grateful for any thoughts you may have about this song. Initially I’m wondering if you think it is too specific (story wise) for potential placement opportunities? Maybe use the instrumental only for such purposes? Need more “drums” throughout or does it work as is? Also, for meta-data purposes, what artist(s) would you name as “similar artist?”

    Starring’ out cross the desert
    From my hotel balcony
    Warm wind blowin’ cross my face
    Casino lights call out to me
    Bloody Mary in my hand
    Light up another cigarette
    Soon I’ll make my way downstairs
    Start placing some winning bets

    I’ll just walk up to a table
    Like no one else is around
    Pull out a wad of dead presidents
    And get my, get my, get my…
    Sin City Beat down

    Yeah every dog has his day
    I tell myself all the time
    Dreamin’ lady luck will shine on me
    It’s the same dream every night
    Lay down my Bloody Mary
    Put out my cigarette
    Now it’s time to satisfy
    This pounding in my chest


    Nobody’s holdin’ a knife at my throat
    No there ain’t no gun in my back
    Nobody’s telling me what to do
    Still find it hard to relax

    Pockets full of sweat and blood
    The dealers all know me by name
    Their gonna deal me some killer hands
    And tonight I’ll be on my game


    Dreamin’ lady luck will shine on me
    It’s the same dream every night

    Thank you for your time!

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    Hi there Jesse. YES, it is VERY specific. but, might I suggest checking in with the City of Las Vegas’ Metro Chamber of Commerce, and . I would be checking into who will be filming movies there, and who is slated to be doing something upcoming (They normally would have petitions, and applications in for permits & documents to film)

    As well, I would be checking the Los Angeles Trade Publications to see who is looking for that type of song.

    I like it! It’s Nice and Gritty. Has some Back-Bone in it!!

    also, for metadata.. It reminds me of Bob Segar, Merle, Travis, Toby Keith, and Trace Adkins

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    Hey Beatslinger! Thank you for weighing in!!

    Your suggestions hadn’t occurred to me. When you say check out LA Trade Publications, which one(s) do you feel would be most useful? It’s been years since I used e.g., Hollywood Reporter (if they’re still around) and do publications actually have requests for songs for projects? I used to subscribe to Billboard and remember they would have articles about who’s doing what…but I’m green as green can be about it now.

    If not, that’s cool, I’ll run down to the bookstore and see what I can find:)

    Stay well my friend.

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    Doing a bit of research Cozy, I’ll circle back around with a PM..

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    Thank you Beatslinger!

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