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    I’ve had good success with FMN. Signed quite a few library deals over the years which resulted in placements. 🙂

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    Leon deVose

    I went nearly thirty years as an active student and performer before I started composing. I first thought I would start a band. That fell apart. I returned to Rutgers Newark campus where unbeknownst the focus in the music program is theory and analysis, perfect for a prolific composer. My intention was to be certified to teach. Nope. I thought I would start recording my music. Well, that is ongoing, but the self -production effort and initial ambivalence about the idea have prolonged the effort. Throughout this time I was researching and learning about the various aspects of the music industry. I was jolted one morning by the nation’s only 24-hour listener supported non-commercial Jazz station, WBGO. They were playing a song featuring a flautist that sounded like a clone of Rahsaan Roland Kirk. However, I had heard the song before. So, I wondered, who was this RRK clone playing on the soundtrack for one of the “Austin Powers” movies? Kirk died about twenty years before the first of these movies was made! It turns out that it was indeed Rahsaan Roland Kirk, and that the song was recorded in 1962. a composition by Quincy Jones, “Soul Bossa Nova”. Nearly 40 years after being recorded, performed and archived here was Quincy Jones earning fresh new mech-sync royalties for a blockbuster film that is still popular now! I wasn’t mad at him. This inspired me to keep composing and seeking out how to get my music in consideration for this kind of licensing.

    That was many years ago. Two days ago, I decided to search for music repositories for unknown composers. This is almost literally what I searched. After a few links and jumps, I landed at FMN. Something just seemed legit, and I plunged in for the annual subscription and submitted three of my compositions in response to a job posting. I started doubting when I got no response. This concern eventually led me here, where my original impression is confirmed. I will now complete the submission process for the remaining allowed works.

    Thank you fellow composers for eliminating my fear before I asked.

Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)
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