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    Congrats on the placement! As Art mentioned, there are 3 factors that PRO’s take into consideration to determine how much you’ll get paid for the commercial: 1. What channel 2. Time of Day, and 3. Number of Plays.

    For ads, unlike cues used in a TV show where a cue sheet is filed, length of time does not come into consideration. Doesn’t matter if your music plays for 5s or 60s, in the same ad, both songs would get paid the same amount of money. I had a long back and forth with ASCAP about this recently because I had never heard this and needed to clarify. They assured me length of time doesn’t come into play for commercials. From what I read on BMI’s site, the same 3 factors are used. Length of time is not a factor. Not sure how other PRO’s around the world treat ads but that’s what happens in the states (Carl’s Jr locations)…

    My experience from a long running ad, plays can vary from fractions of a cent, $.002, all the way up to multiple dollars per play $2.95 is my highest. Most plays are between $0.02 and $0.30.

    One other thing worth mentioning is that US PRO’s do not automatically monitor and pay for music in ads. Go on your PRO’s website and look for the protocol on how to claim royalties from your music playing in an ad. SESAC, for example, allows Tunesat detections as proof, whereas ASCAP requires that you find the ad on Numerator (they’ll hook you up with a free Numerator account) and send them the corresponding Numerator ad code. You will not get paid anything if you don’t follow the protocol.

    Hopefully Carl’s Jr. realizes that the ad is selling them a ton of burgers and plays the commercial for years and years to come!

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