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    1. That is a great tip from Alex Pfeffer. It works really well with the EWQLSO trumpets, to combine attack with dynamics. EWQLSO does have a combined patch where you can control the accent with the mod wheel.

      I’ve been using that technique for a couple of decades, probably going back to some emulator III patches. I learned the concept from an engineer friend. Very handy. It works with strings too, for example combining a staccato patch with a crescendo. It creates a bit of an sfz effect.

      Thanks Scott and Art for sharing.

    1. Hi MichaelL,

      Thanks for the link of Sarah’s interview with Tracy & Vance Marino. I am very inspired and learned a lot about expectations and tools to use including contacts and attending events I might not otherwise consider attending. There are so many more questions that I have now, new ideas and new leads!

      Again, thanks for the link and have a great day!


  1. Just saw a great movie from 2007 the other night “Chops”. Some amazing kids!

    From IMDB:

    “Each year, Jazz at Lincoln Center and its artistic director Wynton Marsalis host the Essentially Ellington Festival, a competition of high school jazz bands from across the country. Bruce Broder’s documentary focuses on one Florida band’s experience at the festival.”

    1. Me too! Love The Band! I like how the crowd is singing along. I got to see him with Ringo at the Mann on the first All Star Band tour along with Rick Danko.

      1. Note: W-Audio does not recommend the Whole Tone Fixed-width keyboard for playing new age music.

        Very Funny

        1. Wow!!! Perfect for creating EPIC impressionist cues with that Debussey vibe. πŸ™‚

  2. I thought some of you may be interested in this, if you dig SoundToys plugs (which I do!).

    Just use the link below to download the new free plugin “Little Radiator” from Soundtoys.

    Somebody let me know how it sounds! I downloaded it and found out that I have a “bug” with my ilok, and my ilok account. πŸ™
    Hopefully it will be fixed today.

      1. It’s good, not a must have, but hey it’s free. I have all the Soundtoys plugs they are must haves for me.

    1. Wow Scott! Thank you for sharing this and I have to admit, my first thought was “A saw? Are you kidding me?” and now I am eating my words!

      I enjoyed the interview and was especially surprised by the long wait to hear about how the film was going and all. I’m now listening to the String Quartet and Musical Saw! The voice like quality is amazing and eerie at the same time.

      Thanks again for sharing!


    1. Saw that a a few days ago. Yes, classic stuff.

      Here’s a video blog from Daniel James visiting Hans’ studio. That’s a long way from a Rhodes and an ARP Odyssey! LOTS of blinking lights. πŸ˜†

  3. I guess everyone is aware of Google’s new privacy policy that goes into effect @March 1.

    Basically they are going to be tracking your searches, what you watch on you tube and reading your gmail so that they can target advertising to you.

    I noticed it already. I watched a couple of NI Maschine tutorials on youtube last week. This week, I was watching some completely unrelated videos on youtube, and an ad for Maschine expansions popped-up.

    Some people are not amused. Here’s a video clip from Microsoft:

    1. It’s pretty obvious they already track searches. I look for something on google and then websites I visit with google ads, surprise, surprise: the ads generally relate to something I’ve searched for or looked at recently. Same already occurs on youtube with targeted advertising. It’s been happening for months, maybe years IIRC. I don’t see what will actually be different?

    2. Awhile back I was on a real estate site and I had an ad delivered for Cakewalk Sonar (the DAW I use). That was startling!

  4. Yep 2k for base model, Thunderbolt extra and not available yet. 1176, LA and Pultec eq bundled with it.
    It would give you PT HD like performance natively with Thundrbolt. Pity they aren’t giving more plugs away with this.

    1. How is DP7 for you. I really hope MOTU survive, and this hopefully will bring in revenue. I used Performer for years and it was bullet proof. Got a bit flakey from DP4 so I switched to Protools.

      1. HI Denis,

        I have used Performer since its inception, around 1985. I have had every generation of Digital Performer (maybe I skipped one while in law school). I love it. I bought Logic when it went 64bit because I needed to access more RAM for my template, and I didn’t like it.
        I went back to DP and got around the RAM limitation with VEPRO.

        I had a couple of issues early on with DP7 and Kontakt. I traced that to a conflict with what DP calls “pre-gen” mode. Once you bypass that all is good. I use a ton of plug-ins, and external devices — like NI’s Maschine, with very few problems.

        I’m really looking forward to 64 bit DP, and the possibility of not needing VEPRO, unless I add another computer. It should be out in March, I’ll let you know how it goes. As a previous DP owner, you should qualify for a discounted upgrade.



        1. The last DP I have DP3. Interesting to see if they give me an upgrade after 10 years. I am going native this time. Waiting for new Mac pros to come out hopefully early this year. I loved DP3 it was great. I absolutely hate Logic. I find it really frustrating and illogical. For film work DP rules and it’s midi was always good. They seemed to run into problems with audio coding for a while but that seems to be sorted.

        1. Starts at 2K for dual core unit.

          I don’t do much ‘live” tracking, but I think recording VI through it would do
          a lot, particularly orchestral mock-ups. It might take off some of the digital edge.

          I was thinking about upgrading to Apogee, but this might be the ticket.


    Celebrate the season with three original PJ Parker Christmas songs: “Not Beneath the Tree,” “Jingle Down the Christmas Tree” and “Christmas Day.”

    All three songs are available to preview and download at no charge on a special holiday page at PJ’s Web site:

    Wishing you all a lovely, happy holiday season …

  6. Art,

    I put your website down as the referral for TuneSat.
    It workd in less than 2 hrs on songs that have not been reported.

    question Does it continually check the past songs are is that it for the initial.

    thanks again for spreading the word about them

    1. Hi Steven,

      I’m not sure I understand your question. I think you are asking whether their detections are retroactive. Not as far as I know but I believe you can ask them to do that, for a fee.

  7. Author: PierreRoger
    Here is the answer:

    Cant seem to reply to Pierre directly Art, however brilliant piece of viral advertising well done.
    I must admit I was taken in and thought it would be one of those auto compose iPhone apps that litter the app store. Nice one LOL

    1. I think both companies reside in Portland Oregon
      so it sort of makes sense.
      So now if you could not
      get into rumblefish you could of got hooked
      from this purchase if your music is @ CD Baby.
      I’d like to know who has made any kind of money from them accept
      the owner.EB Jazz said he made $1.25,anyone else!!

    1. In another thread, someone said that this is a “spoof.”

      Has anyone actually entered their email address to “try” the software?

          1. Yeah, my bad. I was entering the wrong site. I see the juke-bot site is still up. I was debating putting in one of my less used emails to give it a try. Could be comical!!

            1. try uploading the scene from Apocalypse now where ride of the valkries is playing an see what juke bot thinks should be in there. πŸ™‚

                1. I said this before way down in the thread , this is an iPhone app aswell !!!!!
                  I don’t think this is a joke but the results might be quite funny. To give them their due they have
                  Created a lot of buzz about this. Real or not this is no threat to any composer I know.

  8. I figured that I have done enough talking. It is time for action. It is time for me to share some of my music with you guys! πŸ™‚

    Just in time for the holidays, I have created an electronic mix-up of the classic song “Silent Night”. Take a listen or even download it here:

    Thanks all!

    1. Hi Synth,

      That’s an interesting (dissonant) harmonic take on the hymn “Silent Night.”

      For library purposes, I would bring out the melody more with a solo instrument,
      to make the track more recognizable. Think about throwing in some sounds that people associate with the season, like sparkly bells tones.

      Also, the groove that you picked might be more appropriate for a livelier Christmas song like “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”

      Silent Night, because it is usually performed quietly and reverently, as the last hymn on Christmas Eve, is a perfect candidate for a slow R n’ B groove with a lot of soul, less than 100 BPM. I think that would appeal to the broadest audience.

      Just my 2 cents, for what it’s worth.



  9. Hey Art/All,

    I think I have a new library/publisher for MLR. They were soliciting submissions on the LinkedIn ASCAP Group page. I sent them a Demo Reel on Wednesday and asked if they were exclusive. My goal for 2012 is to get some cues into an exclusive library. No reply yet, but it is Thanksgiving weekend

  10. Hello MLR

    Just a little heads up to those who may be interested and I might add we are no way affiliated with this company!

    It is a new music platform with the website lauching in Jan 2012, all being well. The guy at the helm is called Oliver and its Brit based. Its not gonna be for everyone but for those who are interested…

    This is from their website…

    SoundShoots is a forthcoming unique music website innovation which will provide creative musicians with the opportunity to publicly express their musical creativity in a completely different way.

    The Concept: Each week SoundShoots will embody a different theme or inspiration source for music writing, each theme being selected by the SoundShoots community. SoundShoots then openly invites any form of UK-based musician to create any piece of sound or music (known as a SoundShoot) which captivates something about the given theme. So long as each SoundShoot is less than 90 seconds in length and that musicians can describe how their SoundShoot relates to the given theme, there are no limits as to what musicians can create in order to express their interpretation of the given theme.

    Further to enabling musicians to engage with this brand-new creative outlet, the reward for each participating musician’s involvement in SoundShoots will be public exposure. Each and every SoundShoot will enjoy a full week’s public exposure on our main playlist, which has been carefully designed to give each participating musician the best possible web exposure that is currently available on the internet (see our screen-shots on Facebook for details)

    The incentive for music fans, labels, venues, managers, magazines and websites to engage with SoundShoots simply comes from the fact that by enabling musicians to express and promote their creativity in this very unique way will ensure that SoundShoots becomes the best place to be to discover and enjoy the very brightest musical talents. Further to this the SoundShoots website is being carefully designed to give each audience member the very best experience in browsing and enjoying fresh and innovative music.


    The three primary aims of SoundShoots:

    To provide creative musicians with a new creative outlet

    To provide creative musicians with public exposure opportunities

    To provide a vast array of audiences with the opportunity to enjoy and discover exciting music in a completely different way!/SoundShoots

  11. “,Jingle Punks,Crucial music,all non exclusive seem to be working just fine.”

    I think that rather depends on your interpretation of ‘just fine’. If you’re just after a little pocket money over the course of the year to supplement a full time job then yes, I agree. Just don’t expect to earn much.

    1. Well my interpretation is of there business model.
      Its micro money for composers like many of the rf sites.
      Most exclusives are pretty closed up these days and
      there are more who have tracks sitting on shelves.I’ll agree
      that exclusives get paid and everyone makes more money,
      depending on the exclusives.

    1. I think the exclusives would like to buy up the smaller fish and corner the market
      so non-ex’s never get a foothold. It may be too late already.,Jingle Punks,Crucial music,all non exclusive seem to be working just fine.

      1. @DanP, that’s little too cynical, and I think a bit unrealistic. Larger libraries have been buying smaller libraries for along time. The big libraries grow their catalog, and the smaller libraries are tapping into a larger distribution network. It’s just business. It has nothing to do “cornering the market.” APM had long been a library made up of libraries.

        1. Michael: There is a good article from Film Music Magazine by Bob Mair, CEO of Black Toast Music. It was in the June 14th, 2011 edition and titled ‘Music Libraries: From Last Resort to Power Players.’ He echoes what DanP is saying.

          Thanks for posting,


          1. Hi Chris,

            Here’s the link to the article.

            I don’t think that it echoes what DanP said. There’s nothing in there about “cornering the market” to prevent non-exclusives from “getting a foothold.” I didn’t see anything at all about the different business models.

            What is happening is that large media companies, like Warner and Sony, who were not previously in the library business, are now buying up libraries to help fill a void left by the demise of the record industry. Second, they have tons of tracks from indie bands that they don’t really know what to do with. So, buying up libraries with connections to media programming gives them a way to promote all of that otherwise unused music.

            The next big point that that the article makes is that this is a very good time for library music. Library music used to be thought of as second rate. But, technology has resulted in better library music. More and more production companies are turning to library music because of the economy, which is another factor that makes buying libraries attractive for large media companies.

            This kind of thing happens all the way down the food chain. Take a look at Megatrax website, and look at all of the libraries under its umbrella. Same thing with 615 Music. That’s why 615 was so attractive to Warner. so here’s the food chain: small library (Metro) > gets bought by big library (615), big library (615)> gets bought by media giant (Warner). They can’t buy a non-exclusive library’s catalog, because those libraries don’t own anything.

            Don’t forget that these large companies, like Warner and Sony, are also content/program producers. So, buying libraries provides them with vertical integration. If they own the libraries whose music get’s used in their productions, it’s win win.



  12. CD Release Party! You all are invited!

    Ok, it is my 5th album released with Magnatune and I could not be happier with the special treatment I receive from them!They also put my digital albums on iTunes. Here is the site if you would like to sample my work and as many of you already know, even better the huge collection of music they offer by subscription. Thanks for letting me share this here … Virtual CD Release Party!

    “In A Cosmic Daze” by Cari Live

  13. I watched the video on the site. Who are they “registering your music with?” Sound Exchange? Who else is there that collects these kinds of royalties?

    1. Hi Denis,

      I watched the video. It sounds interesting, but I noticed a youtube badge on their site. I infer that means that they will be trying to collect royalties from youtube, among other places.

      This poses a potential problem for writers with music in some RF libraries. MusicLoops, for example, recently posted that it would immediately drop any composer, whose works triggered a copyright notice on youtube.

      I guess there will come a time when writers have to make a choice between sources of income. I suppose that if you do not include your RF tracks among the tracks that you resister with Tunecore, that would solve the problem. But, that diminishes the value of your catalog. Your robbing Peter to pay Paul.

      It’s all worth investigating. I just uploaded my old new age and smooth jazz CDs to CDbaby, iTunes and Amazon.



  14. I have a couple of exclusive deals,one I just found is
    selling my tracks I signed with them 3 years ago @non-exclusive sights.
    This is slimy and retitled tracks too.Lets hear it,I’m a bit perturbed…..

    1. Yeah DanP,.

      I’ve had that happen too. Two “exclusives” now selling older tracks on some RF sites.

      These exclusives are small fish though. How about you?


      1. Well I’m small fish too really.Luck has it I don’t have many tracks with them
        but their contract is shaky too given the industry.
        Strange that an exclusive sells on these rf sites.Had I only known but then thats part of finding out how it all works really.

          1. @Michael:
            I’m gonna say they are small but they have several
            different companies under their umbrella. I know they initially
            sold out to Pump and started several new libraries.

    2. Hey DanP, I discovered this very issue a while back and posted about it here. It is very underhanded a deceptive. But it becoming a common practice by smaller exclusives that have trouble marketing themselves. Here is a link to the post:

      By the way, this exclusive library wouldn’t be happened to be located in TX? If it is, I know exactly who you are talking about!

      1. @Synth Player:
        Yes they are in TX.I had an inkling many months
        ago this was happening,as who will know
        unless you become the Library police really.
        The way around is we retitle,and go offshore?sound familiar?!!

        1. In my opinion, the only reputable exclusive libraries are those associated with PMA. Even though I have some disagreements with Ron Mendlesohn, I think the libraries associated with PMA are the best of the best.

          It would make more sense for me to keep control of my music than to sign with a non-PMA exclusive library. Once an exclusive has control of your music, it is no longer yours. This is why composers must use caution when signing away rights to songs.

          1. @Synth Player:
            Agreed.I know members of the PMA and they
            are more reputable.
            Just seems the exclusives are not taking many new composers
            cause they don’t have too.

            1. I just received a FMN listing in my email. Says the company only accepts exclusive tracks, but will license non-exclusively.

            2. “Just seems the exclusives are not taking many new composers
              cause they don’t have too.”

              That, and there are just too many people knocking at the door. As discussed in another thread, cheap technology has increased the number of people making music. Much of it is not good, or it is simply not production music. Libraries do not have time to listen to thousands of tracks from thousands of writers in order to figure out who understands their format and their needs, and who doesn’t.

              I think you’ll find that they are receptive to quality production music in their format, i.e., complete collections, fully edited (full, 60, 30,15, stingers, bed mix) –with good production values. Some people will disagree with this, but at the PMA meeting one of the PMA library owners said essentially that he didn’t want to “hear garage band.”

              What ever you style is, pick a couple of top libraries…Megatrax, Killer, etc and listen to their tracks in that style. That’s where the bar is set. That’s what you have to shoot for. Then do it in their format, as described above. Remember, the top libraries are not interested in buying one track here and one track there.


              Note: this does not apply to “songwriters” who are trying to license their songs. That is not production music — as observed by Musync. It’s two different crafts and to some degree two different worlds, although they overlap a bit.

  15. I’m sure some people here already subscribe, but if you don’t read TapeOp already, check it out. Third-class mail subscriptions are free in the US and UK.

    Lots of great interviews with producers and engineers, gear reviews… Really worthwhile.

  16. Hi all, if anyone subscribes – an article I wrote is featured in the November issue of “Recording Magazine”. The theme of the issue is mixing. It’s also available at newsstands across the country; if you can find a newsstand in this day and age πŸ™‚

    Drop a line if you happen to read it.

  17. Nothing to share…just a statement.

    Steve Jobs. How much you changed our world!

    Rest in peace.

    1. I am really gutted about this. Expected I know, but it seems like the world is a duller place without him.
      As a Mac user for 25 years he certainly shaped and helped my career and many others too.

  18. Been thinking a bit recently about how to stimulate my creativity when the ideas dry up.
    Got a couple of things that work for me
    1) There is a radio show on BBC Radio 3 called Late Junction which is on 3 times a week but you can use the listen again feature to replay it any time 1 week after.
    This show plays a very wide and eclectic mix of things ranging from classical, to Sonic Youth, to the sound of bees in a hive, to world music (whatever that means). I find it a great source of musical ideas and (not being airy fairy) spiritually nourishing!
    2) Choose a genre based radio station fitting your brief and play it in one room while going in to another room where you can hardly hear it all. Your brain will pick up on the vague rhythms and melodies and fill in the missing information sometimes giving you something new and original (again! Whatever that means)
    Anyone else got thoughts on getting your mojo working again?

    1. Thanks for that post Ian. Getting the “mojo” working is one of the toughest things we encounter as writers. You never know where the idea will come from. A TV show, Movie, Radio. Somewhere back in our subconsious (sp) all of those songs are lurking.

      I’ve spent many a day here staring at my computer, guitars, and keyboard just waiting for something to come, then walk down to get my mail, and the song just comes! That happened twice in the last month…

      The other thing I am always leary of is writing something I’ve already written. After composting close to 200 tracks in the past couple of years, I have had that happen more than once!

      Well gotta run….just got an idea….

      1. Do something else that you enjoy to take your mind off it. Last time I had writers block I decided to stop forcing myself until I actually felt like writing again. It took about a day of playn Xbox and going for walks and getting a good nights sleep to get me right as rain again. I Usually only get writers block when im in bad form.

  19. I enjoyed Art’s link to the “Little Richard” video, a real classic!

    Listen to “Northern Lights” composed and peformed by Emily Bear. This piece won the 2008 ASCAP award for original compositions for composers 18 years and under. Emily plays her piano solo here in front of a live audience at age 7.

    This is amazing composition & peformance talent, enjoy!

  20. This will blow your mind!

    Here is some very rare footage of Richard Wayne Penniman (aka “Little Richard”) as a child, when he was just starting out in the music biz’ … from some movie with Van Johnson …

  21. anybody have a muse? I cant seem to get comfortable writing unless iv a cup of tea to hand.

    1. “white chocolate rum & nut truffles”. I’ll take a couple of those. Does she ship? Enough rum in there should preserve it!

    2. 308 lbs Jello!!! Better watch it. Diabetes and an array of other medical problems waiting for you down the road. And I mean down.

    3. 2013? only 2184 cakes to go! You should sell them instead and make a small fortune! πŸ™‚
      (no offence intended)

    1. Apparently just like most everyone else I thought these guys were fake. These kids are pure talent, what a gift they have. Next time please don’t mention that talentless little girl. : )

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