Velvet Green Music – Michael Mollo

By Michael Mollo

Velvet Green Music in Santa Monica, CA is a production music library and bespoke music house for film, television programming, promos and advertising.  Having launched in 2017 under the direction of creative director Michael John Mollo, our catalog encompasses over 3000 tracks and 400+ amazing contributing artists.

Velvet Green Music is an ‘artist-forward’ catalog meaning we actively promote the talents of our artists while simultaneously making their tracks available for license. We consider VGM a family and treat our artists as such. We work with our artists to improve their writing, production and mixing on all track submissions. We host both informal and formal gatherings in the greater Los Angeles area to foster camaraderie and afford our artists the opportunity to socialize with like minded folks as well as collaborate with each other on their tracks for our catalog. In addition, we release one ‘Artist Series’ album each month showcasing the talents of one artist or group of artists in our catalog.

With a focus on fulfilling all needs for our clients, our content is rooted in the four main genres of instrumental underscore: DRAMA, ACTION, COMEDY and HORROR. Under each main genre, we populate volumes of albums across a wide variety of subgenera. For instance our ACTION category is subdivided into the following sub-genres, each with their own numerous volumes of releases: Classic Action (80s inspired), Gritty Industrial Action, Hybrid Epic Orchestral (trailer), Orchestral Action, Percussive Tendencies & Sports Anthems.

Velvet Green Music offers a one-stop shop for both custom and pre-cleared music for film, television programming, promos and advertising. Our clients come to us because of our deep personal commitment to their artistic visions and our belief that emotion above all else in musical storytelling, is paramount.  We offer stress-free and easy solutions to meet your music needs quickly and within most any budget.  In addition to the catalog of immediately available pre-cleared tracks, we provide personal and thoughtful guidance for all musical applications whether that be licensing, music supervision or custom music creation.


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