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If you are a composer and/or songwriter, please leave your comments and experiences with this 123rf. We want to hear the good as well as the bad! Please rate, from 1 to 10, by clicking on one of the stars. Below is some general information but we make no guarantee of accuracy. Check with 123rf for all details. Please contact us for any corrections.

URL: http://www.123rf.com/
Accepting Submissions:Yes
Submit Online:Yes
Submit By Mail:No
Submissions Reviewed:Yes
Types Accepted:Instrumentals
Charge For Submissions:No
Up Front Money:No
Royalty Free:
(non-broadcast use)
(Exclusive, Non, Semi)

(Semi = Free to place on own
but not with another library)
Re-Title: No
Set Own Price:Yes
Contract Length:Unknown
Payment Schedule:Unknown
License Fee Split:
PRO Split Based on 100%:
or writer)
Requires Licensee To File Cue Sheet:Unknown
Pays On Blanket License:
YouTube Content ID:
Active Site:Yes

No PRO affiliation.

11 thoughts on “123RF

  1. FYI, they don’t allow for PRO affiliated composers/songs

  2. Got the email, too.

    They appear to be a semi-subscription based micro-licensing site. That started out selling stock images about 10 years ago. Looks like they’ve recently branched out into audio. Another version RVSTK, perhaps.

  3. Yeah I got their email too

  4. Did anyone else receive an email recently from these people to join…? I’m not sure how they got my email address so it seems a bit sketchy to me.

  5. The site looks pretty cool for people looking to buy photos. A good layout, high quality photos, and great prices.

    I personally would not use such a site to sell my music though.

  6. sold a few on here but not many – is low priced

  7. I do agree. I will be passing to. Way too much work for a small commission rate. If any….

    • “Here are some perks if you start uploading now!

      Expedited reviews for all your files.

      Start selling from Day 1 we launch 123RF Stock Audio.”

      I agree with art and Gary. Sounds like people who don’t really know the business looking for writers who know even less. They are reducing music to the level of stock photos.

  8. I received this e-mail from them. Pretty horrible commission levels for the average composer. I think I’ll pass.
    Hi there,

    This is an exclusive invitation to submit your stock audio content to 123RF.com!

    Here are some perks if you start uploading now!

    Expedited reviews for all your files.

    Start selling from Day 1 we launch 123RF Stock Audio.

    You’ll get to send us feedback and play an important role on the development of the features you want in our submission system.

    You’ll be able to help test and steer the development of our stock audio search engine and results display feature.

    As an incentive for you to upload your entire collection, we will assign you a Contributor Level for next 6 months depending on the number of files that we have accepted come by December 31, 2012. The higher your Contributor Level, the more Royalties you’ll receive. Please refer to the table below:




    Royalty Levels


















    and above



    Lastly, we’re giving away 3 x Apple ipad mini (16GB, wifi only) in a lucky draw! Each accepted file will entitle you to one entry at the ipad mini, the draw results will be announced on our 123RF Stock Audio launch date.

    Only 3 simple steps to get started:

    Create your Contributor account at 123RF.com if you haven’t done so yet.

    Upload your Photo ID here: https://www.123rf.com/submit/submit_id.php

    Go to http://submit.123rf.com/ftpaudio_start.php and follow the instructions there

    ** Check out our audio guides below :-

    Audio Submission guide : http://www.123rf.com/blog/blog.php?idblog=b1000254

    Audio Keywording guide : http://www.123rf.com/blog/blog.php?idblog=b1000253

    We are ready to accept your content as you can submit in bulk. You may FTP your content over and then progress to describing and keywording after processing your uploaded audio. You can even set your own audio prices according to 4 tiers that we have predetermined depending on the type of audio file you’re submitting to us.

    Once you have created an account, submitted your ID and uploaded and processed some audio files, email us at [email protected] and we’ll start reviewing your account and files straightaway.

    Thank you, we hope you’ll join us in building some audio content soon! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by replying to this email.

    Top 3 FAQs

    When does 123RF.com intend to start selling stock audio?

    We intend to start selling stock audio come first quarter of 2013, but we might start sooner if we secure enough content to open our doors officially.

    What are my commission levels?

    It depends on your 123RF Contributor Level. You could get anywhere from 30% to 60% of the nett credit price from each of your file sold.

    Why should I submit to 123RF.com

    123RF.com is an established marketplace for Royalty-Free content and is one of the fastest growing internet sites in the world. We are ranked #550 according to Alexa.com and on compete.com 123RF.com receives 1.8 million unique visits a month. Be a part of this global marketplace and enjoy royalties from all over the world.

    Best regards, always!
    Submissions & Review Team
    for 123RF.com

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