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That time again as the quarterly BMI payment was on June 24th. Always a fascinating exercise reconciling my BMI statement with my Tunesat detections. I’m much more incentivized now as I recently collected a decent size license fee for an unauthorized use of one of our cues. I would have never known about it if it hadn’t been for Tunesat. No, I don’t work for them but they do give me a bit of a break for my running their banner ad. I was a client before the break and would be if there wasn’t one.

OK back to the spreadsheet!

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  1. Just this week I started getting a lot of Tunesat detections of one track on Belgium TV VT4. How do I go about finding out if I should get royalties or not?

  2. Wow 22 pages. Imagine how many pages you can look forward to reconciling once you do make a living with this…:)

    1. Yeah, hurts my brain. Truly a business of pennies but I have always maintained that I would rather have a large amount of small payers than a few very large ones. If one of those large ones go away it puts a big hole in your income. If a few of the small ones go away it’s not that big a deal.

    1. Will do, still working on it. Gets more challenging as more gets placed with different libraries. This last statement was 22 pages long! Still not a living wage so it really is a numbers game.

      1. Hey Art,

        If you find work on Tunesat that doesn’t show up on a BMI return, will BMI take Tunesat’s proof-of performance and pay you accordingly?

        Also, you mentioned one example above of finding stuff on Tunesat that wasn’t on BMI (if I understand correctly). Have you found a lot of other examples like this?

        Thanks much,


        1. They will most likely research, not take it verbatim. I have found the most examples with commercials that are purchased on RF sites. I follow up with the company, get a copy of the commercial and file the Jingle Data Sheet with BMI. I also give BMI a spreadsheet of the Tunesat detections.

          1. Thanks, Art. I just wanted to make sure they didn’t dismiss it due to the fact the info wasn’t coming from one of their services.


          2. -Art,
            After registering the commercials with BMI did you get some kind of acknowledgement from them?
            I sent in commercials registration in September 2012 and have not heard anything yet nor have they downloaded the QuickTime. Is it like TV & film placement where it often doesn’t show in your works catalog until the quarter they are paying? Thanks!

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