Emmett Cooke’s Tagging Software


Something we all need is an easy way to tag our music. To the uninitiated tagging and describing your music effectively is critical. This will ensure that your music will be returned in the search of a database when a client is looking for a particular style and feel. Emmett is working on a solution and here is his comment from another thread.

“I’ve decided to look into developing software which might be able to do this and a couple of other handy bits and pieces for composers…we’ll see how it goes!”

Emmett is looking for feedback so here’s the place for it.

4 Replies to “Emmett Cooke’s Tagging Software”

  1. I like your thinking Emmet,

    I hope during your dreams tonight you get a ‘vision’ outside the box and it all comes into place, there are solutions to these kinds of problems but its few people who address it and then actually bring it into a real workable solution… I salute you Sir, actually thinking about you, within the library world you will become Sir Emmit if you free us of this bondage that pains all of us to a very very large degree.

  2. Having just about completed doing all the metadata for 60 cd’s a way of doing it quicker would be a godsend. And I haven’t actually uploaded it anywhere yet!
    Good luck Emmett I will follow this with great interest!

    1. Thanks 🙂

      I’m trying to figure out exactly how it would work – as in, what we would need it to do.

      I was thinking maybe when it opens up, you can drag and drop as many tracks into it as you’d like. Then it allows you to tag all of them in one or, or in batches. When you enter 5 keywords, it suggests more based on which ones you have chosen already. It should also be able to add all the ID3 tags, some automatically if possible.

      Then it would be good to export that entire batch as a csv file maybe?

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