MLR Subscription Rates


In order to keep Music Library Report financially feasible and to compensate for my time, I am instituting a payment model for access to the music library listings. All of the other sections of MLR will remain free.

There is another aspect for charging for access. I have noticed that there are generally two types of people that visit this site. Those who want to visit, gain knowledge and leave and those who want to do the same but contribute by getting involved and sharing their knowledge and experience. The next paragraph is for those of you who have been, or want to get, involved.

If you have been a frequent and well reasoned commenter on MLR or want to contribute your time and expertise please read this for free access. If you are a music library owner/rep please contact me regarding free access.

The rates going forward are:

9.95 USD per 7 Days
14.95 USD per 1 Month
49.95 USD per 6 Months
89.95 USD per 1 Year
149.95 USD per 100 Years – Hah!

These are one time charges and do NOT automatically renew.

Visitors who are short of funds can work their way to free access by helping to build MLR’s content.

1.) There are a number of libraries on MLR that need their details section updated. Supplying the information for 5 of those sites (I will assign them to you) will get you 3 months free access.

2.) Find an advertiser and get an equal dollar amount (rounded down) in access time. As an example: An advertiser you bring purchases a $60 one month banner ad. You would receive 6 months free access ($49.50 value).

3.) Write a review on your favorite piece of software or hardware. Must be original, at least 500 words and get a free month. Please do not cut and paste from an existing review!

4.) Finally, being a frequent and well reasoned commenter will also gain you free access to the listings. This will be determined on a case by case basis.

Thanks for your help, understanding and support!