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I received an e-mail from one of the founders of this company and I thought it was a fascinating concept, particularly as we all struggle with metadata issues, genres, descriptions, tags, etc. Though they appear to only work with music libraries it would be nice to have a service for individual composers. Here’s a brief description from the company.

TagTeam Analysis offers music analyst and tagging services to licensing companies and sound libraries that are in need of a powerful music search system to reach their client’s need for finding the right song. We are a team of analysts with extensive music backgrounds and analyst training. We have many years experience tagging music through our previous employment with Pandora Media. We are the human element of music tagging and can listen for musical traits such as mood and sub genre and everything that a computer cannot do.
Our company is based on the belief that our customer’s needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

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  1. Thread bump. I was surprised to see this thread on this site. I have used them recently to tag about 70 tracks. It took less than a week to complete. The owner sent communications via email timely and while some of the genres I think are a bit miscategorized, I think for the most part it is spot on. I am trying to get my catalog organized and this is a blessing. I am very grateful with the work and service they provide. I think they have software as a service now that libraries can run themselves, but I have not looked into it yet. I will inquire at some point, just to see if it might be more cost effective.

  2. First, I respect and appreciate Tag Team Analysis’s efforts to come up with an affordable tagging solution. No easy task.

    If anyone has tried Tag Team Analysis, please post about your results and how it worked for you. I found it didn’t work well at all for vocal songs because the algorithm zeros in on the underlying music elements in the backing track. For example, musical elements in the backing track can be upbeat while the overall vocal song is sad. “Sound-like” references were pretty much canned based on the genre the algorithm determined. However, I would guess (didn’t try cues yet) that for instrumental cues, there would be a much better result.

    This being said, at $4.50 a track, it would be hard for any company to devote a large amount of time to each track and make money. I get that. If they offered much more detailed & reviewed “by hand” analysis, they would have to charge a lot more and that might be prohibitive.


  3. I’ve decided to look into developing software which might be able to do this and a couple of other handy bits and pieces for composers…we’ll see how it goes!

    Art, can you create a new post and I’ll ask for people’s feedback on what people would need to have in software like this – any features etc.


  4. I visited the site, went to the contact page, called the phone number and left a message inviting them to call or email me about service information and pricing. So far no response, so maybe they’re on vacation or doing something else. Anyway, wanted to learn more and get an idea how much they charge, etc.


  5. “There would have to be something in it for those tagging. ”

    That is exactly what was holding me up!
    That and my amateur level web design skills! 🙂

    I owned/operated SongCritic.com for almost 10 years, constantly battling this very dilemma.
    It was almost the same concept. Artists submit, and the community members reviewed. I had almost 7000 registered members, and only about 100 of them ever came through with constructive reviews. But it was open to everyone!

    I charged $5 for Artists to submit, and paid the “reviewers” for each constructive review. The problem there is dealing with and paying out 20-120 reviews per week! It became a full time job without the full time wages! I paid my overhead all 10 years plus a “sensible dinner” every week, but that’s about it.

    I will be more than happy to shoot ideas back and forth with you and help out, if you would like to pursue this.

  6. No lie, about a month ago I was talking to a buddy of mine about starting a website/service just for composers to submit new cues and have other composers help tag them!
    Ex: Have a form or checkboxes where the community can enter Genre, 5 best keywords, 5 moods, sounds like (artists), etc. And possibly CONSTRUCTIVE comments like mix issues or “change the bass sound”.

    I was thinking of charging about $5 per submission, which would be well worth it, but you would run into the problem of “what does the rest of the members get for doing the work”!

    Art, do you feel like starting a new category on the MLR? This may be a way to earn that extra cash you were looking for! You already have the community here that would be willing to help their fellow composers!


    1. Hi JD, I have thought about this for a long time but have yet to come up with a viable way to implement it. Sure would be a great service for a lot of people. Having a community of other composers might be one solution but it could be a “can of worms”. There would have to be something in it for those tagging. Food for thought.

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