Critique Please – Galaxies Apart – Toy Spaceship


From member “Jordain Wallace”:

My intention for the cues was to show these as a demo to write a whole album of sci fi orchestral cues.

The first cue “My Toy Spaceship” is a grad theme with a bit of playfulness in it something that either Galaxy Quest or Buzz Lightyear of star command would have for it’s opening titles.

Toy Spaceship

Sounds like: Galaxy Quest theme, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Theme, Star Wars theme, Superman Theme.

Keywords: Theme, Sci-fi, Galaxy Quest, Epic, Orchestral, Cinematic

The second cue is called Galaxies Apart and is also a theme for a romantic interest, a little more serious than Toy Spaceship.

Galaxies Apart

Sounds like: Princess Leia’s theme, Ilia’s theme,

Keywords: Theme, Romance, Star Wars, Cinematic, Orchestral

Thank you!

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  1. Nice work. Very strong theme on the first one, and I like the Williams esque mystery/romance of the second piece.

    What’s your set up?

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