OMG my computer is bricked!


Short story.

I was working on my database of tracks when all of a sudden the editing functions stopped working. Couldn’t add or delete data. Weird. So, I closed the program, re-ran it and same problem. Weirder!

Okay, time to re-boot and see if that fixes it. Maybe some random memory collision. Hmmm, computer will not boot. It’s stuck on the Dell logo (BTW this is office computer not DAW). Shut off again wait for 30 seconds try again same deal, stuck on logo. Yikes! Hard drive failure or hardware failure? Oh great, I’m 3 days into the bug that’s going around, not feeling all that wonderful and I don’t really need this now.

Okay, will start with hard drive. No problem, I clone my hard drive every week or so, I’ll just stick in the cloned drive. I opened up the computer and remember the one thing that has pulled me out of a hole more than a few times. RESEAT YOUR CONNECTORS! I reseated (is that a word?) the drive C cable on both the drive and motherboard, re-booted the computer and I am golden!

I’m always amazed when that trick works. So, the moral is that when your confronted with some kind of hardware failure, reseat your connectors first. It might save your butt.

As for the editing functions not working? I looked down at my keyboard and the Control key was stuck down. What a day!

Okay, now back to the couch, I’m exhausted!

4 Replies to “OMG my computer is bricked!”

    1. Thanks Michael, feeling better today.

      Wow, 15″ from the roof along with not feeling well. That can be dangerous. I don’t miss that CT snow but my poor family is suffering.

      Stay warm, safe and feel better Michael.

  1. You’re quite right! Re-seating my video card fixed the last crashing problem I encountered. Also, you can use a pencil eraser to clean the contacts of slot cards like video, audio, firewire etc…

    1. “you can use a pencil eraser to clean the contacts of slot cards like video, audio, firewire etc…”

      Yes, another great tip. Had a 16 trk and 24trk machine at one time so there were lots of cards to maintain.

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