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Longtime MLR member and composer Michael Nickolas sent me a copy of his 2012 edition “The Independent Artists Guide To Pricing Music”. I thought it was a great resource and well worth $9.99. Full transparency here: I don’t participate in any of his revenues but he did send me a free copy. Here’s Michael’s blurb:

Now available, the 2012 edition of “The Independent Artists Guide To Pricing Music”! You’ve worked hard to create your music and maybe even harder to shop it, but are you prepared when a client calls to ask how much it will cost for them to use it? I’ve done the research for you and compiled it in “THE INDEPENDENT ARTISTS GUIDE TO PRICING MUSIC” (or, “How much should I license my music for?).

All of the numbers have been newly researched and updated to reflect the current market. Going rates for many different types of music placements are organized by category. Film and TV are included of course, but also are non-broadcast opportunities like corporate training and presentations, internet uses, promotional CD-ROMS and etc. I’ve also added a completely new section outlining what you could expect to earn in “backend” writer performance royalties from your television music placements. If you’ve ever wondered what a thirty second placement on MTV or a fifty second placement on NBC would pay in royalties, see this new chart!

Still only $9.99, money back if not satisfied. Visit for the details!)

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    1. Last edition was 2012 and it is now considered “out of print”. I’ll send you a copy (no charge) if you think it could still be helpful. Just get me an email address. Via PM I guess?

  1. Good stuff Michael! I’ve just started sending demos to local video production companies and this will the a great tool for me.

    I recommend it to all.

  2. Just picked it up. Good info.

    It’ll give writers a realistic idea what a “placement” is worth in various contexts.

    It also gives writers, contemplating custom work, an idea of what kind of fees they can expect.

    Good work Michael.


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