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    I personally am a Logic user, but I watched someone use Ableton Live with Ableton Push yesterday. Was so interesting – it seems to provide such a different way and approach to writing music. I don’t think it would replace Logic for me but info see how it could be a great tool for writing certain styles.

    Do any of you use Ableton and the Push for tv music? Curious about this.

    Per Boysen

    Yes, I use the Push and really love it! My DAW of choice is Logic X and Push works like a charm with a little help of the third-pary utility PXT-General,

    In fact I like the Push better with Logic than with Live 9. I also use it with Bitwig and like that too better than together with Live 9.

    What I specifically like with the Push is that fast switching between all kind of scales and with the PXT-G you can set up the rotary encoders for whatever you want them to do, rather than relying on what Ableton thinks you need. I mostly keep the rotary knobs directly targeting continuous expression parameters in Kontakt 5 orchestral libraries. I also use a column of buttons as key-switches for those Kontakt patches.

    Except for the PUsh I also like using an Akai EWI 4000s for playing more fluent lines in a wind instrument context. That’s something the PUsh – or any piano style keyboard – can’t do.


    Hey there,

    I write with Live 9, perform with it, and actually teach it in a school too. I haven’t dived into Push yet, FYI.

    For the most part, I recommend Live. My reservations are small compared to the extra functionality it provides.

    The truly groundbreaking feature in Live is the session view. If you’re considering Live, I would recommend spending your time investigating this feature. Essentially, it provides a very flexible framework for brainstorming ideas (anything from a small motif to larger structures) and then arranging them into a finished arrangement on the fly. It provides other benefits for things like live performing too. If one were to really master the session view, they could probably speed up their workflow pretty dramatically.

    My reservations are mainly due to periods of instability. I’ve noticed that in V9, these have been cut down pretty well, and that when they pop up their support team is very responsive. Updates almost always solve these issues for me too.

    I usually keep a backup DAW on my computers to use if Live is having problems that day, but I very much prefer working in Live.



    I use Ableton Live and Push V1. The workflow is interesting and I find myself not using the unit to its full potential. BUT I do love it for programming drums and percussion. When I need the tactile feel of laying in certain parts, I’ll go to the Push. I like to lock in kicks and snares, but use the Push to “feel” all other parts and leave them to be loose.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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