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    Hello all! Ive been searching on the forums but can’t seem to find an answer. I was wondering what are the average amount of track views you have per each sale on non-exclusive libraries? For example, I’ve been with Audiosparx for 4 weeks now, and I’m getting around 150 track views a week (with 20 tracks up there at the moment). I know theres no specific numbers or anything, but I read there is an average of 0.5% view/sale rate for decent tracks. Does this ring true for you guys?

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    220 views to 1 sale for one & another track 73 views to 1 sale.
    I think it varies from track to track & also dependent on luck to a certain extend.


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    @axiomdreams Awesome, thanks 🙂

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    I know this is slightly off topic but do you know how to find out play data for individual tracks rather than total plays on Audiosparx?


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    I was wondering the same thing actually haha

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    Log into your account, and click on the “Vendor tab” Then click on Artist Administration, click Reports, then Play History. That will give you info on individual track plays for any given time period.

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    Thanks for that GaryW!

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