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    Art Munson

    BMI statements released on 9-10-20 for 2020 Q1. I found a back payment of about $50 from Facebook for what looks like commercials judging by the titles. A couple of decent payments on CBS and NBC. Once again a better than average payout for a Netflix show called Rust Valley Restorers. A lot of back payments, some as far back as 2015. Still haven’t received the promised payment for our Martin Sheen commercial so will be hammering BMI again. Also missing payment on a big run of a CMT promo. Sigh, have to chase every friggin’ penny!

    Any interesting data for you?

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    Art Munson

    Bumpty, bump.

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    Brian Curtin

    Nice surprise to get the BMI royalties a little earlier than expected. Some good international payouts which is encouraging to see. I also had a lot of back payments and a decent NCTA disbursement as well.
    I thought it was odd that the Amazon VOD entries did not show up on my statement. In spite of it not being a big earner at this point, I am still curious to know why. I reached out to BMI and waiting to hear back from them.

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    also got some back royalties as far back as 2019 Q2, and a nice chunk from NCTA..dont know what that is but ill take it.

    what concerns me is the bunch of missed 2020 Q1 placements per tunesat, dont know if Its too early to reach out to them now or wait til next statement…

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    i got this NCTA payment too. can anyone explain to me what that is?

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    A good statement overall, nice payments from FOX Sports, NBC and VH1. The September NCTA payment is a nice bonus, as always.

    NCTA is explained here:

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    This one surprised me being hands down the best BMI statement I’ve ever had. Love and Hip Hop, Fox Sports and Black Ink Crew definitely threw it over the top. International was surprisingly good too.

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    Good quarter for me as well. Especially in Sports programming.

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    BMI was great this year. Hard to believe 2020 is in the books for 4 BMI Statements. International made up 25% of the earnings whereas ASCAP international seems to make up 50% of my overall earnings so that is one data point I am perplexed by. However, I always have felt as though ASCAP does a better job collecting foreign royalties.

    It does seems like Internet audio and internet audiovisual is improving slowly but surely compared to what once was a sea of .01 cent payments for Netflix, HULU, etc. Now we are seeing line items paying .15 cents to $2.00 for streaming. Hopefully this is a sign that BMI has forged better deals with netflix, hulu, amazon, youtube, facebook to increase the royalty pot for all of us.

    Had a nice $590 payment from FACEBOOK on a couple of tracks with an “FF” Usage.

    Anyone know what “FF” stands for?

    BI is background Instrumental
    CJ= Jingle or commercial
    T = Theme

    So all in all it does seem like we are seeing revenue improvements with streaming and internet tracking. I am quite pleased Art.

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    Overall fairly strong this quarter. Especially Foreign. As Music1234 noted, the streaming royalties seem to be looking up, but I don’t think that’s because of renegotiated contracts, or BMI just deciding to pay better. I think it’s because the world was sitting at home watching Hulu and Netflix instead of going to work. 🙂

    One thing that REALLY surprised me. A 7 play live performance broadcast on Satellite paid out just shy of 5 figures this quarter!! For 7 plays!!!! Stunned. I knew K Pop was huge, but……. I don’t think I’ve ever had something like that in my entire career. And they say there’s no God. LOL. Somehow, for some reason…..a huge K Pop band used one of my background TV cues that somehow ended up on the internet audio stations in their live broadcast. One that gets about a million plays per quarter on Spotify, youtube, apple, etc, and pays out around $80-$100. LOL. I have no clue how they found it or how they got it, or why or how they used it, but I’m SURE GLAD they reported the composer correctly. LOL

    I’m sure stranger things have happened, but I can’t think of one for the life of me…..

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    congratz LA…thats amazing, and very inspiring. quite suprised you write kpop type cues, they r killing it

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    Paul Biondi


    Anyone know what “FF” stands for?

    I’ve received “PF” royalties (no longer given by BMI) and that stood for “Partial Feature.” So I’m thinking FF is “Full Feature”

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