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    Composer Of Notes

    Had a nice placement last week on CBS prime time All Rise. Well over a minute.
    I only bring it up because it was a non-exclusive placement. Probably been beat to death already, but the networks obviously are not demanding exclusive tracks.


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    Michael Nickolas

    Hey, great to hear! Always nice to get a prime-time network placement.

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    nice man. yeah that should pay you over $100 maybe even up to $200. yeah its funny i also had a recent placement of one my non-exclusive cues on prime time on CNN which also paid out nice but i more see that as a happy accident rather than the networks are not looking for exclusive tracks. i know for sure many are like NBC.

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    Congrats! Which library placed it?

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    Congrats CON!
    I’ve had a few of good recent non-ex placements too.
    – 2 minutes on an NBC primetime special “Return to Downton Abbey- A Grand Event” prior to the movie release.
    – 15 seconds in a movie trailer for “7 Days to Vegas”
    – A 15 second General Mills commercial as run over 100 times since August according to Numerator, mostly for the college football market. The odd thing is Tunesat has only picked up about 10 of them on ESPN2. Maybe the others were streaming? I have no idea what kind of back end that will be.

    The point is non-ex tracks are still useful.

    I should also mention I’m starting to see my exclusive stuff get placed on Scripps channels, and nothing else.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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