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    the more i work in the music library world, the more I make that simple analysis : the biggest or most well known library are not the best payers..
    I earn more money with independant music library, not very well known, than all the big library like BMG, Universal, Immediate Music, Extreme Music… (they are actually the worst! not had a single placement in 4 years)
    Actually, I had decent placements with universal,but iit’s certainly not what I dreamed of.

    I’m talking about TV placements and back end royalties (with PRO), I’m not talking about royalty free library.

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    I’ve had the opposite experience – just talking royalties (like not including trailer libraries generating sync fees), the big ones like you listed have been by far the biggest earners for me.

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    For me the big libraries have been the best (Universal, APM). Everyone has different experiences I guess!

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    I guess it must be all over the map then…. Long term, continual money making placements? The best of the smaller boutique libraries that I’m associated with have out-earned the bigger libraries like the ones listed above ten to one.

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    Do you all have roughly the same number of tracks at majors vs boutiques? Or at least enough at each to make a rough estimate per track? I feel like (just a wild guess) anything under 20 tracks at a single library isn’t enough to really know.

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    They are all over the map. Hundreds, no, I guess thousands of tracks. I haven’t done a “scientific” study, but the majority of placements for me seem to come mostly from one smaller boutique library.

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    I think the comparison of big labels vs boutique libraries and the performance a composer experiences with either probably depends a lot on:
    – what genres you’re writing, and the demand, shelf life etc for those genres
    – if your music is in the core library as opposed to a sub-label
    – how polished it is… like is it recorded live, has a pro mix etc.
    – and to be blunt, how good it is – the potential for re-use, better placements (themes etc).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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