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    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but this is an issue I am still unclear on. I am UK based and registered with PRS. I recently had two cues used through Jingle Punks which were registered on ASCAP as Nate Berkus show cues and Clean house NY cues. Is there any way of finding out which of my tunes were used and when? I did contact Jingle Punks but they said I could only try and watch the shows to find out this info (again not easy being UK based). I just want to ensure that there are no further steps I need to take or if any royalties will eventually make it to PRS. Thanks.

    Art Munson

    The only way that I know of is to have a Tunesat ( account. They detect uses 24/7 but expensive if you only have a couple of tunes. You’ll just have to wait until you get your statement from PRS. That will take a few quarters.


    Thanks Art, I have considered Tunesat but may just have to wait it out and hope that any royalties eventually show up with PRS. All the best.


    I’m also UK based and PRS registered. The first time I scored for a US network I waited 18 months for the first royalties to filter down into my PRS statement, and that statement showed which tracks had been used and the period when they went on air. I started contacting PRS after a year because I was concerned,  and was lucky that I was able to provide TX dates and cue sheets, but I guess the cash would have taken just as long to arrive as if I hadn’t contacted them.

    If you really need to know before they appear on your PRS statement, I would suggest contacting the production company which made the shows, ask which of their staff is responsible for filing music cue sheets and explain to that person who you are and that your tracks have been used. The production company will definitely know the Transmission dates for the first airing of their shows, and may be willing to provide you with the cue sheets for the series as well.

    Best wishes,



    Thanks Sak, that is interesting I did wonder if I would need to contact PRS with any info. I  am happy to wait patiently but wanted to double check there was no further steps that I should take as I have heard PRS don’t always automatically pick up usage in the USA.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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