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    Hi everyone, I recently submitted a full 10 track album to a high end library as my initial submission to them. I’m still waiting to hear back (it’s been about 7-8 days). I have 2 questions: 1. What is an appropriate length of time before I should send a follow up email?
    2. What type of angle would be wise to take in my follow up email? For example, I could say something like “I’m excited to hear back and for the opportunity to potentially work with this library” etc… Or I could say “I have a few more tracks of the same style that I could add on to the album I already submitted – if I’m accepted”. In that case I would wait a few more days while I compose 2-3 more tracks…
    Or it could be another angle that I haven’t thought of!

    This is my first real submission to a high end library and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Trust me, You’re just feeling the “Jitters & Shakes” because You submitted to a “High-End Library”, and (don’t do this) “You are basing how good your skills are, and if you are High End Material on this/these responses. Let me de-mystify this for you if I might.

    They are “just people”, and just like anything else they have their OWN specific agendas & current needs..

    Don’t sit around and wait for their response. Keep moving, keep working, and again DON’T sit around. I submitted things in 2016, and they just got back to me recently (AND had the nerve to ask if the material I submitted was still available..LOLOL)

    “Usually”, if you haven’t heard back from them by 6 months, they are probably not interested..

    “When I was looking for Libraries”, I would circle back around about a year later, and submit new material. By that time I had other things going, and was able to give a (polite & non-braggy) update on advancements and My bigger placements that I had gotten.

    Good Luck to You!!

    Also, I would send a link to a “Specially Curated Playlist” and name it after them/their company. So, I could see why they came to the site, had a listen, and what they were 4 listening to. Sometimes, they are literally so busy, and back-logged that hot can take months.

    **BIG POINT** They will say they are always looking for “Everything”, but they all know what albums they are slated to produce. If you don’t hear back, most of the time it means they are only looking for specific things at that time..

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    One more question: How long should I give them to respond before I submit that same music to another library? Keep in mind, it would be exclusive music, so I would hate to have the same music accepted in 2 different places and have to say no to one of them.

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    Don’t say no, just have another set of tracks in case the previous ones are taken. Explain that to them and send the new tracks. You have to keep moving as said before.

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    Thanks for the advice Allan and Beatslinger! Much appreciated!

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    You welcome!

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    How long should I give them to respond before I submit that same music to another library?

    Consider Yourself “A Business”. Would You in business sit around, and wait for another company to get back to you to keep moving with business?

    **HUGE MISCONCEPTION** Companies “usually” don’t get mad at you for finding suitable homes for “Your Hard work & efforts” before they have an opportunity to get back to you. The only thing they will :”usually” hold a grudge, or mute you is if you have been pushy, negative, and disrespectful in your correspondence.

    Don’t say no, just have another set of tracks in case the previous ones are taken.

    Correct! When I was looking for libraries, I would get in touch with “several” that were on my short-list, and see who got back to me. If it was one of “My Dream Libraries” I would go ahead and do the deal. If someone else got back, and showed interest. Just let them know that “You have even better material”, and that you would love to submit for their review..

    “Most” of the better libraries just wanted to see “What You’re made of, and if you have the skillset & sound they need”. Unless the music fits right into albums that they have slated for productions, they will let you know what they need from you.

    Also, once again I cannot stress this enough. People, they need US even more than You need them. Stop living in the fantasy, putting them on these pedestals; and Take Your Power(s) Back!!

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