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    Maybe change the name of this website to “Music Money Report”.

    That works for me. Hey Art – do I still get my lifetime subscription?? 🙂

    Seriously – everybody has to eat Johnnyboy. And other than the EXTREME difficulty of “making it”, I see no downside to making a living writing music. If you want to be a “soul surfer”, great – but don’t blame the uber-talented professional athletes who get sponsored and become celebrities in their own right in that sport. Being a composer is not really much different. Being a professional by definition means making a living at it – and that requires the ever evil $$$ that you seem to believe corrupts art. Sorry if it sounds harsh, but from my experience, it’s usually sour grapes that bring on that reaction from those who can’t compete…

    The most artistic and gifted folks I have ever met have been extremely business savvy, and DO in fact focus on making a living with their art. And the folks I’ve met who despise the corruption of art for the sake of art….eh…they are generally either educators or not that great at the art part of things.

    I’m proud to have earned the right to call myself a professional. It was difficult, and yeah, I’m focused on money when I create. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about the music. And BTW, I earned the right to be called a professional the old fashioned way. If you want to be a hobbyist I say go for it!! Maybe lobby for “Music Hobby Report”.

    Oh, and a 100 tracks a day? LOL Exaggerate much?

    And yeah, I’d still make music if I had another job that paid my bills. There are occasional days when I do regret taking a music career over another path. With the same skills I’ve put into my art, if I put them into virtually any other “real” business I’d be living on an island in the pacific by now. Only a fool goes into music for the money.

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    Well, if nothing else, my post provoked you guys to bare your musical souls. LOL

    Best, the Hobbyist Composer

Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)
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