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    Hey everyone, great site. Very glad I stumbled on to it. Ive been lurking here for about a month trying to get a feel for how this stuff works, it has been very helpful. So I decided to join up.

    Im a recent transplant to LA (from New Orleans by way of Nashville) and probably have a similar origin story to most library composers: I’m a working musician (jazz banjo and chickin pickin guitar mostly) with a background in production and mixing, Ive scored a few things for TV and have done some ghost writing. Im about to have my first child and have been looking for more ways to generate revenue streams and remembered some things I’d read about library music.

    So anyway, Nice to meet you all. Im getting my soundcloud together with some tunes I wrote specifically for this that I plan to post to the Critiques tonight, Id really like someone with more experience in this market to tell me if i’m hitting the mark on production value and forms and such before I start submitting things.
    Joseph Faison IV

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    Hi there Joseph F, Congratulations on the Forthcoming addition to Your Family!

    WOW! Jazz Banjo, and Chicken Picking. Sounds like a Nice Niche!

    I look forward to hearing the sounds!

    I wish You much success!!

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    thanks! putting up a link to the soundcloud now in Critiques

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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