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    The Dude

    Just looked over the thread again, and guess my question was pretty well answered. Sorry.

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    Kind of in a bit of a spot. My external hard drive may be going, according to the nice folks at Macintosh. My Logic pro files aren’t opening on my external hard drive – or they are but they are immediately crashing. This isn’t happening though when I open a same project ( as a test ) on my Macbook pro, so the conclusion of the guys at Macintosh: definitely a hard drive starting to go. SO:

    Looking for a new hard drive. Currently using a Western Digital My Passport, although I’m a bit bummed that it may be going after only owning it about a year. Suggestions for inexpensive hard drives to start (maybe go with another Western Digital? ) up to other more expensive Raid or solid state configurations, that I can grow with, and some price points uf possible/handy. How often should you need to or be expected to have to replace these things (taking this drive to the store to verify tomorrow whether or not it is a good). My samples I use include the NI stuff, East West Composer Cloud, XLN, Spectrasonics, Etc. and I’m still considering growing into recording some orchestral music, something I would like to do more of by the end of next year.

    Picking the brains of guys at best buy who run though RAId and solid state options. But none of them are composers. What are you folks using as far as the external storage and streaming goes and how is it working for you?


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    Art Munson

    I’ve been using the WD My Passports for awhile any they should last at least 5 years. I don’t think I have had any go out. That being said I have 3 backups of every thing. All projects files, mixes and sample drive. Plus I also back up all project files and mixes to my Amazon S3 account. I was keeping an extra copy in a safe deposit box but been kind of sloppy about that over the last year, really need to get back into that habit.

    Suggestions for inexpensive hard drives

    That is not a good criteria for backing up data. 🙂

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    Art Munson

    projects files, mixes and sample drive

    BTW the drives for those files (and backups) are not the WD MY Passport. but the larger 3.5 drives in a hot swapable rack. I use the My Passport for system backups.

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    I’m a little skeptical of this “your hard drive is going”. I do have an old seagate that I also back stuff up on. But the drives are getting full also. Of course if I went through and looked at duplicate files and so on I could shrink those my quite a bit.I could be a little more efficient in how I use the space , I don’t always delete alternate takes and so on.

    The project file for that particular project may for some reason have gotten wiggy. I’m re-recording again now, same project, no issues. Actually I would consider the Passports to be pretty reasonably priced and I’ve not had an issue up until now.

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    Hi Chuck,

    I use and prefer Western Digital drives. I have 4 1TB internal drives in my MAC and 4 1TB drvies in an external enclosure connected via SATA.

    I keep clones of each drive. I use Carbon Copy Cloner: http://bombich.com.

    I use WD Black drives. Green drives are OK for long-term storage, but not as good for heavy daily use. If they still make “Blue” drives, I’d avoid them.

    Be prepared to reauthorize some of your sample libraries.



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    Thanks for posting these suggestion guys. If the drive is indeed fried I will likely pick up on of those Western Digital Blacks. Looks like SSD are in a lot of opinions an overpriced option , but that is open for debate I suppose.

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    I forgot to follow up on this thread. I cloned my OS and audio drives with no issues at all. Everything went smoothly and my rig is much faster now. Thanks again for the input.

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    Chuck Mott

    I ended up going with a Glyph Studio, but looked hard at the Western Digital Black. I still want one for recording audio onto, right now I have the glyph for streaming samples, and also recording audio. Thanks for the input all.

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    I’ve been cloning my system drives in OSX since 2008. I’ve never had any issues and always prefer this method for moving to a new machine.

    I find (at least in OSX), the native operating system’s “migration wizards” to be much more of a headache than cloning a drive. You do take a lot of old baggage with you, so every few years I’ll clone, clean install a new OS, get everything off of the cloned drive I need and test for a couple weeks before wiping the old clone… I typically go through about 3 OS’s before wiping and starting fresh… so far it’s been a lot more headache free than migrating ever was…

    Not a fan of the new annual operating system policy that’s become standard though… with the way things are moving toward more frequent operating system updates, getting comfortable with cloning your drive is essential IMO…

    As for SSD’s. I personally can’t imagine not using them. I see significant performance gains now that I’ve moved everything to Solid State. I waited years to jump on the bandwagon and can’t imagine going back now…

    The other plus of SSDs is that (‘theoretically’, as I haven’t had one die yet,) when they do die they just become read only. You can still cone and/or recover, just not write new data. That’s huge in my opinion… How true that is in the real world I don’t know but that’s what the claim is… Ether way I have most certainly seen performance gains switching to SSD and personally think it is well worth the investment… The downside is it aint cheap…

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